Library Science for Sch Librns (LSSL)

LSSL 2363. Literature for Children and Teens. 3 Hours.

Students are acquainted with the selection, critical analysis, and historical development of literature for children and young adults. Emphasis is placed on selecting materials that meet the needs and interests of children and young adults, identifying techniques and strategies that will motivate all children and young adults to read and respond to literature, and developing critical abilities for evaluating literature and related materials. A strong multicultural element is also a part of this course. Course Equivalents: LSSL 3363
Prerequisite: Must have sophomore standing or above.

LSSL 3361. Literature and Related Materials for Children. 3 Hours.

Students study the historical development, critical analysis, and selection of materials for children. Identification and use of folklore, poetry, imaginative, realistic, and informational literature. Stresses developmental needs of children, including those of various ethnic groups. Emphasis is placed on motivational techniques.
Prerequisite: Must have junior standing or above.

LSSL 3362. Literature and Related Materials for Young Adults. 3 Hours.

Students study selection of literature, the approved selection tools, the preparation of bibliographies, oral and written reports, book talks, critical evaluations, annotations, and the sharing of reading experiences with a stress on the developmental needs of young adults. Emphasis is placed on motivational techniques.
Prerequisite: Must have junior standing or above.

LSSL 4010. Library Science Workshop. 1-3 Hours.

Students explore current topics in school libraries. One semester hour is earned, and the course may be repeated for a maximum of three hours. NOTE: Maximum of three hours workshop coursework allowed in a student's program.

LSSL 4375. Directed Independent Study in Library Science. 3 Hours.

Students engage in an arranged professional and developmental learning experiences incorporating a practical application of Library Science skills and practices to include internships, individual research, and studies.