Food Service Management (FSMG)

FSMG 1331. Introduction to the Hospitality Industry. 3 Hours.

An overview of the hospitality industry, this course includes restaurants, hotels and resorts. Includes historical perspective, analysis of the industry in terms of professional opportunities and the future outlook for the industry. (3-0). Offered fall semesters. Course Equivalents: FACS 1331 .

FSMG 2441. Meal Management in Hospitality. 4 Hours.

This course includes choice, purchase, preparation and service of meals in hospitality settings. Through laboratory experiences emphasis is given to table settings and appointments, various forms of meal service and special occasion functions. The importance of acceptable social procedures and aesthetic values related to the above activities are stressed. (3-2). Offered spring semesters. Course Equivalents: FACS 2441 .

FSMG 3334. Lodging Operations. 3 Hours.

A study is made of principles involving basic operations of hospitality facilities including guest expectations, management of services, budget control, personnel management and security. (3-0). Offered spring semesters. Course Equivalents: FACS 3334
Prerequisite: FSMG 1331.