Computer Science Technology (CSTE)

CSTE 1330. Introduction to Computers. 3 Hours.

This is a computer literacy course. Basic computing concepts are presented. Assignments provide a hands-on experience in using microcomputer applications. Multimedia and the Internet are introduced. May not be taken for credit toward a CS major or minor. This course may be taken as a classroom based course or as an online course.

CSTE 1331. Visual Computing. 3 Hours.

This course is an introduction to programming using the visual paradigm, aimed at students with little or no background in programming. The core notions of problem solving through programming are introduced, following an object-oriented approach to visual programming.

CSTE 1333. Digital Life. 3 Hours.

Students address the various roles of computational technology in society that both underpin and shape economic, scientific, political, leisure, and social activity. Emphasis is placed on the importance of digital literacy, digital citizenship, digital creativity, and ethics and law.

CSTE 2330. Multimedia Technologies. 3 Hours.

Students examine the use of modern multimedia tools in the production of professional communication materials. Students specifically examine multi-platform image, sound and video editing tools, CD/DVD, wiki and podcast production tools as well as supporting web-publishing tools and scripting techniques for the purpose of enriching the professional communication environment. May not be taken for credit toward a COSC major or minor.

CSTE 3330. Web Technologies. 3 Hours.

Students explore the concepts and techniques associated with the development of modern dynamic Web sites. Topics covered may include web design fundamentals, modern web development tools, style sheets, markup languages, accessibility, session management, interactive communication and security. In addition, students examine a number of Web 2.0 technologies that support blog, wiki and social networking applications.
Prerequisite: CSTE 2330.

CSTE 4330. Web Server Technologies. 3 Hours.

Students explore web server technologies associated with the server components, web scripts, web forms, and dynamic interactive features.
Prerequisite: CSTE 3330.