Human Sciences (HUSC)

HUSC 3335. Event Administration. 3 Hours.

This course prepares students to attain the operational skills involved in event administration. The course focuses on social and corporate events, target markets and market segments, budgeting and forecasting, theme and proposal writing, and logistics and planning for on- and off-premise events. The course also examines the benefits of networking, promoting sales and marketing, and the importance of human resource issues in event administration. Course Equivalents: FACS 3335
Prerequisite: Junior Standing.

HUSC 4068. Research Problems. 1-4 Hours.

Seminars provide adequate research experiences for students having special needs and requirements for the completion of work for a degree. Registration is permitted only by approval of the department chair. Course may be repeated for credit. Variable Credit (1-4). Course Equivalents: FACS 4068, FACS 4368
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

HUSC 4369. Internship. 3 Hours.

Course consists of an off-campus work experience in an approved professional environment under the guidance of an internship supervisor. A minimum of two hundred (200) supervised clock hours are required for appropriate credit and enrollment in the course HUSC 4369 at the time the work is being completed. Offered spring semesters and summer only. Refer to the department internship handbook for specific major requirements. Refer to the department internship handbook for specific major requirements. Course Equivalents: FACS 4369
Prerequisite: Departmental Approval Required and 90 semester hours completed.

HUSC 4392. Independent Study in Human Science. 3 Hours.

A directed individual study of an approved problem related to one of the majors in Human Sciences. Course Equivalents: FACS 4392
Prerequisite: 9 advanced hours in declared major in Human Sciences and approval of department chair.

HUSC 4395. Special Topics in Human Science. 3 Hours.

This course will examine special topics in the field of Human Science. Course Equivalents: FACS 4395 .