Minor in Community Leadership

A minor in Community Leadership requires 18 semester credit hours of coursework and shall include:

Minor in Community Leadership
Required Courses
COMS 3385Community Applied Communica3
SOCI 3305Intro to Community Leadership3
SOCI 4379Internship In Applied Sociolgy3
Choose 3 elective courses from the following:9
Prin Agr Ldrship Comm Develop
Environmental Science
Successful Workplace Relations
Intercultural Business Comm
Small Group Communication
Professional Comm. Development
Law And Society
Professionalism & Ethics In CJ
Dance Pedagogy
Principles of Public Health
Community Health
Writing For Mass Media
Principles Of Public Relations
Contemporary Moral Issues
Nonprofit Organizations
Social Policy
Political Attitudes & Behavior
Introduction To Ethnic Studies
Social Inequality
Rural And Urban Sociology
Worksp Chldrns Creative Drama
Total Hours18