First Year Experience

Director: Kay Angrove (936) 294-3422

Website: First Year Experience

Sam Houston State University has developed a comprehensive, coordinated approach toward the first-year experience including a first-year seminar course, learning communities, first-year course schedule building assistance for an optimal experience, advising, newsletters, New Student Convocation, a Common Reading Program, and a comprehensive offering of leadership opportunities and support strategies for students at SHSU.

UNIV 1301 is a three credit hour first-year seminar course. Class size is limited to approximately 25 students. Students will receive academic and personal assessments and survival tools and get an orientation to and use the academic resources (e.g., Writing Center, Math Center, Student Advising and Mentoring Center, Student Money Management Center, Health and Wellness Center) at Sam Houston State University. Students enrolled in this course receive personal guidance in selecting college majors and in researching corresponding career fields. UNIV 1301 is designed to optimize the students' college experience and to develop an informed plan for graduation and careers.

Learning communities provide students the opportunity to take several classes with the same group of students. The learning communities are designed to foster the intellectual and social development of students through increased interaction with fellow students, faculty, and staff. SHSU learning communities pair courses in the fall and in the spring around an academic major or student interest theme. Each first-year learning community is anchored by the UNIV 1301 course. The Living Learning communities provide students the opportunity to take two to three classes with other students who live in the same residence hall. There are planned activities designed to enhances academics as well as to provide a positive social atmosphere outside of the classroom.

For further information call (936) 294-3422, e-mail, or visit First Year Experience.

UNIV 1101. Learning Frameworks. 1 Hour.

Students explore the science of learning, cognition, and motivation to develop and apply self-directed learning skills to their own academic programs and career development.

UNIV 1301. Intro To Collegiate Studies. 3 Hours.

UNIV 1301 is a seminar designed to enhance the first-year experience for beginning college students and to increase student success in college. The varied content of the course will facilitate a smoother transition into the college culture. Content areas include: goal setting and time management skills, writing skills, test preparation and taking skills, critical thinking skills, major and career exploration, locating and utilizing campus resources, diversity awareness, wellness strategies, money management, and leadership/civic service awareness. Writing enhanced. Juniors and Seniors will need to contact the FLC Office for approval.
Prerequisite: Open to Freshman and Sophomore students.