Minor in Sociology

The Sociology Minor requires a total of 18 hours in Sociology and should be distributed as follows:

Minor in Sociology
Required Courses
SOCI 1301Principles Of Sociology3
or SOCI 2319 Introduction To Ethnic Studies
SOCI 4340Rsch Methods In Sociology3
SOCI 4344Sociological Theory3
Choose 3 elective courses from the sociology minor electives 9
Total Hours18
Sociology Minor Electives
SOCI 2399Writing in Sociology3
SOCI 3305Intro to Community Leadership3
SOCI 3324Social Inequality3
SOCI 3325Gender And Inequality3
SOCI 3327Sociology of Popular Culture3
SOCI 3335Sociology of Food and Society3
SOCI 3336Social Change And Development3
SOCI 3341Marriage And The Family3
SOCI 3344Sociology of Education3
SOCI 3345Social Statistics3
SOCI 3354Age And Inequality3
SOCI 3355Race/Ethnic Inequality3
SOCI 3365Sociology Of Health & Illness3
SOCI 3376Rural And Urban Sociology3
SOCI 3381Cultural Anthropology3
SOCI 3384Economy And Society3
SOCI 3392Social Movements3
SOCI 4330Sociology of Migration3
SOCI 4334Sociology Of Disaster3
SOCI 4337Environment And Society3