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SOCIĀ 3324. Social Inequality. 3 Hours.

Students learn the three primary resources of social inequality: class, status and power. Topics may include the way birth-ascribed statuses such as age, sex and race interact with class, status and power stratification systems. Special attention is also given to the popular and scientific explanations of inequality, especially with respect to the high and low ends of the distribution of income and wealth.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Sociology

...the following: SOCI 2319 , SOCI 3324 , SOCI 3325 , SOCI 3354 , SOCI 3355 , SOCI 4336 . Notes...

Department of Sociology

...exception of SOCI 2319 , SOCI 1306 , SOCI 2366 , SOCI 3324, SOCI 3381 , and SOCI 3341...