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BIOL 1401. Environmental Science. 4 Hours.

A general course designed to cover all areas relating to contemporary ecological problems. Topics include air, water, and soil pollution; radiation, limnology, climate, pesticides, wastes, and land conservation. This course is designed for non-science majors to help them meet their General Education science requirement, and as in introductory course in environmental science for ENVR majors. BIOL 1401 cannot be applied to either a major or a minor in Biology.
Prerequisite: Demonstrated college-level readiness in reading, writing, and math.

Department of Biological Sciences

...Academic Scholarships or telephone (936) 294-1672. BIOL 1401. Environmental Science. 4 Hours. A general...

Bachelor of Science, Major in Public Health

...and Behavioral Sciences). 8 Prescribed Electives: BIOL 1401 , BIOL 2420 , CRIJ 4338 , ENGL 3330 , HLTH...