Bachelor of Science, Major in Agricultural Business

Agribusiness is a program for students interested in management in agriculture. The program includes courses in farm and ranch management, marketing, natural resources, tax planning, budgeting, finance, business organization, and other courses related to business and management. The agribusiness curriculum prepares students for employment in finance, ranch management, business management, state and federal agencies, risk management, sales and marketing, and many other fields related to business and economics.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Agricultural Business
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Degree Specific Requirements
ACOM 3360Communication Skills for Agriculturists3
or ENGL 3330 Intro to Technical Writing
ECON 2301Principles Of Macroeconomics 13
MATH 1324Mth for Mngl Decision Making 23
STAT 1369Elementary Statistics3
or MATH 1369 Elementary Statistics
Major Core
AGRI 1131Intro to Pro Leadership Skills1
or UNIV 1301 Intro To Collegiate Studies
AGRI 1309Computers in Agriculture (or approved substitute)3
or CSTE 1330 Introduction to Computers
ANSC 1319
ANSC 1119
Animal Science
and Animal Science Laboratory
PLSC 1307
PLSC 1107
Plant Science
and Plant Science Laboratory
AGBU 2317Principles of Agri Economics3
AGBU 2385Analysis of the Agr Sector3
AGBU 2389Agribusiness Financl Analysis3
AGBU 3361Agribusiness Org & Mgt3
AGBU 3367Agricultural Finance3
AGBU 3385Quant Mthds for Agribusiness3
AGBU 4340Agribusiness Marketing3
AGBU 4363Agricultural Sales & Consulting3
AGBU 4374Agr Mkt Analysis & Prices3
AGBU 4375Advanced Agribusiness Mgt3
AGBU 4386Agriculture & Food Policy3
Advanced Agribusiness Electives
Select two courses from the following:6
Agribusiness Ventures
Natural Resource Economics
Legal Issues in Agribusiness
Special Topic
Economics of Land Use & Planng
Farm & Ranch Management
International Agriculture
Departmental Electives
Advanced Electives from: AGRI, AGBU, ACOM, AGET, AGED, ANSC, EQSC, PLSC or WMGT3
Minor (Required)
Minor (Advanced)9
Total Hours120
First Year
Component Area IX1AGRI 1309 or CSTE 13303
AGRI 1131 or UNIV 13011ENGL 130213
ANSC 1319
ANSC 1119
4HIST 130223
ENGL 130113MATH 1369 or STAT 13693
HIST 130123PLSC 1307
PLSC 1107
MATH 132433 
 15 16
Second Year
Component Area III4Component Area III4
AGBU 23173Component Area V3
AGBU 23853AGBU 23893
ECON 230143POLS 230653
POLS 230553Minor Course3
 16 16
Third Year
Component Area IV3Component Area IX3
AGBU 33613ACOM 3360 or ENGL 33303
AGBU 33673AGBU 43403
AGBU 33853AGBU Advanced Elective63
Minor Course3Minor Course3
 15 15
Fourth Year
AGBU 43743AGBU 43753
AGBU 43633AGBU 43863
Advanced Electives From: AGBU, AGED, AGET, AGRI, ANSC, EQSC, PLSC or WGMT3 AGBU Advanced Elective63
Minor Advanced Course6Minor Advanced Courses3
 15 12
Total Hours: 120