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Core Curriculum

...Government 6 Hours Required POLS 2305 GOVT 2305 POLS 2306 GOVT 2306 Component Area VIII...

POLSĀ 2306. Texas Government. 3 Hours.

Students examine Texas government and politics. Topics may include the Texas Constitution; Texas' role in the federal system; political culture; individuals' political values and participation; interest groups; parties; elections and campaigns; the legislative, executive, and judicial branches; and fiscal, social, and economic policies.

POLSĀ 3331. Local Political Systems. 3 Hours. [TCCN: GOVT 2306]

Students examine the structure, process, and politics of local governments in Texas and the nation. Local governments may include metropolitan governments, special districts, county governments, rural and small town polities, and urban and suburban political structures. At each level, topics may include home rule, leadership recruitment and behavior, local elections, budgeting, services, and intergovernmental relations.
Prerequisite: 6 hours of POLS.