Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Students pursuing a Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies will complete 18 semester credit hours of required and prescribed electives courses from a wide array of courses as designated below.  Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS) courses will be taught in English, and Spanish (SPAN) may be conducted in English or Spanish. 

Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies
Required Courses
LALS 2311LatAm & Latinx Studies3
LALS 2321LatAm & Latinx Lit & Culture3
LALS 2331LatAm & Latinx Ling & Culture3
Prescribed Electives9
Select 3 of the following:
Reg Geo-Lat Am Africa So Asia
Colonial Latin America
Texas & the Southwest
LatAm & Latinx Gender Studies
Span/Eng Cross-Culture Comm
Introduction To Ethnic Studies
Social Inequality
Soc Of Demography & Migration
Spanish for Heritage Speaker
Survey Of Spanish Lit II
Intro-Lit Of Spanish America
Genres In Spanish American Lit
Spanish Culture & Civilization
Spanish Lit for Children
Span-Amer Culture & Civilizatn
Spanish American Prose
Pablo Picasso & Spanish Art
Seminar in Selected Topics Literacy, Language, and Civilization
Spanish for Criminal Justice
Spanish for Business
Spanish for Mass Communication
Spanish for Health Professions
Total Hours18