Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching

The Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching will provide foundational knowledge for students who are Kinesiology and Education Double Majors or any education double majors who intend to become teachers and coaches in the K-12 setting.  This certificate can also be selected by students who intend to coach at the collegiate level or outside of the K-12 setting.  Further, the certificate program will allow current coaches or individuals who are post-baccalaureate to receive formal coach education.

A student may only enroll in and be awarded either the Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching or the Minor in Sport Coaching but not both.

Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching
Required Courses
ATTR 3370Prevention & Care of Injuries 13
KINE 3320Foundations of Sport Coaching3
KINE 3321Applied Kinesiology3
KINE 3372Sport Skills Analysis3
KINE 4335Sport and Exercise Psychology3
Prescribed Electives
Select four from the following: 24
Fundamentals of Basketball Coaching
Fundamentals of Volleyball Coaching
Fundamentals of Football Coaching
Fundamentals of Track & Field/Cross Country Coaching
Fundamentals of Baseball and Softball Coaching
Fundamentals of Soccer Coaching
Total Hours19

BIOL 2403 is a prerequisite for this course.  Please consider taking this as one of your sciences.  Reach out to the professor with any questions.


Each of the Fundamentals of courses are five-week, online courses.


 A student may only enroll in and be awarded either the Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching or the Minor in Sport Coaching but not both.

The undergraduate certificate will follow the same admission requirements as SHSU and allow for students who are post-baccalaureate.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) marketable skills initiative is part of the state’s 60x30TX plan and was designed to help students articulate their skills to employers.  Marketable skills are those skills valued by employers and/or graduate programs that can be applied in a variety of work or education settings and may include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching is designed to provide graduates with the following marketable skills:

  • Develop and implement a clear coaching philosophy through KINE 3320 - Foundations of Sport Coaching.
  • Identify age-appropriate developmental practices in multiple sport settings.  Students will hear from multiple current elite coaches in their prescribed electives describing their own age-appropriate practices.  Students will then create a season and lesson plan for specific age groups in each Fundamentals of Sport Coaching course (i.e., KINE 3100KINE 3105).
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply kinetic principles in multiple sport settings through their season planning as well as task analysis knowledge gained in both KINE 3372 – Sport Skill Analysis and KINE 3321 – Applied Kinesiology.
  • Apply coaching theory to all aspects of the coaching profession including interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.  Students will develop their own leadership style, coaching style, and learn coaching theory and ethical decision making in KINE 3320 – Foundations of Sport Coaching as well as in KINE 4335 – Sport and Exercise Psychology.