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KINE 3372. Sport Skills Analysis. 3 Hours.

This course will introduce the instructional process of analyzing and sequencing skill components and performance techniques found within team and individual sports. The student will investigate the process of a task analysis and other skill sequencing experiences. Aspects of lesson progression and construction will be incorporated throughout the course while maintaining a focus on motor skill acquisition. Required for Sport Coaching Minors.
Prerequisite: 45 credit hours.

Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching
The Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Coaching will provide foundational knowledge for students who are Kinesiology and Education Double Majors or any education double majors who intend to become teachers and coaches in the K-12 setting.  This certificate can also be selected by students who intend to coach at the collegiate level or outside of the K-12 setting.  Further, the certificate program will allow current coaches or individuals who are post-baccalaureate to receive formal coach education.