Business Analysis (BANA)

BANA 5080. Independent Study. 1-3 Hours.

A directed study for individual students who wish intensive work in a special topic area of business analysis. Variable credit (1-3). Course Equivalents: BANA 5380
Prerequisite: Approval of Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator.

BANA 5300. Quantitative Tools For Business. 3 Hours.

An introduction to a variety of quantitative tools used in the business sector. Emphasis is placed on statistical analyses and operations. In this course, students learn descriptive statistics, normal distribution theory, central limit theorem, estimation, hypothesis testing, and may also include linear programming, and forecasting. This course does not apply to the 36-hour graduate credit hour requirement of the MBA degree program.

BANA 5368. Techniques Of Statistical Analysis. 3 Hours.

An integration of the concepts and application of statistical and quantitative techniques currently used in business decision making. Readings in the current literature related to statistical inference, ANOVA, correlation, simple linear regression, multiple regression, questionnaire construction and analysis will be covered.