Graduate Certificate in Quality Management Tools

The curriculum for this certificate, Quality Management Tools, is designed to enhance the student's ability to use tools such as root cause analysis, benchmarking, affinity diagrams, and earned value analysis.  Students will gain skills that will enhance their ability for planning and controlling an organization and decision-making.  Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

a.  Analyze and interpret results using quality management tools;

b.  Develop methods for planning and controlling processes;

c.  Demonstrate analytic and decision-making skills; and

d.  Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Admission Requirements

Degree From a U.S. University

     a.  Meet or exceed one of the following admission formulas:

          i.  100 (Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT Score > 11001

         ii.  200 (Advanced Hours Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT Score > 11502

Degree From a Non-U.S. University

     a.  Students who earned a baccalaureate degree from a university located outside of the United States must satisfy all of the following to be considered for admission into SHSU's MBA program. 

          i.  GMAT score of at least 500.

         ii.  TOEFL score of at least 79 or IELTS score of at least 6.5.

        iii.  English translations and evaluations of official transcripts.

GMAT Waiver Requests

     a.  Undergraduate GPA1 of 2.75 or higher allows for a comprehensive review of academic performance and consideration for a GMAT waiver.

     b.  Applicants who have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 from their degree granting U.S. institution and have at least three years of significant managerial and professional experience may be admitted without a GMAT score, typically through a review of the applicant's resume. Normally, the required experience is earned after completion of the undergraduate degree. A committee will assist, if needed, in determining if the applicant's experience meets the "significant managerial and professional experience" threshold.

     c.  Applicants who have an undergraduate degree granted by a non-U.S. institution will not be considered for a GMAT waiver.


The undergraduate GPA is the GPA from courses taken at the degree granting institution.  Transfer grades are not used in the computation of this undergraduate GPA.


The advanced hours undergraduate GPA is the GPA from junior and senior (3000 and 4000) level courses taken at the degree granting institution.  Transfer grades are not used in the computation of this undergraduate GPA.

Graduate Certificate in Quality Management Tools
Required Courses
MGMT 5315Seminar Operations Management3
MGMT 5318Quality Management3
MGMT 5323Tools of Project Management3
MGMT 5330Operations Planning & Control3
Total Hours12

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) marketable skills initiative is part of the state’s 60x30TX plan and was designed to help students articulate their skills to employers.  Marketable skills are those skills valued by employers and/or graduate programs that can be applied in a variety of work or education settings and may include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas.

The Graduate Certificate in Quality Management Tools is designed to provide graduates with the following marketable skills:

  • Analytical skills.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Skills in operationalizing metrics.
  • Problem-solving skills.