College of Health Sciences

Administrative Officers

Title/Department Officer
Dean Emily A. Roper, Ph.D.; (936) 294-2395
Associate Dean Ryan K. Zapalac, Ph.D.; (936) 294-2392
Associate Dean Jennifer A. Bunn, Ph.D.; (936) 294-2393
Assistant Dean Christine G. Cardinal, Ph.D.; (936) 294-2735
Department of Human Sciences Ronald L. Reed, M.S., Chair; (936) 294-1242
Department of Kinesiology Jennifer J. Didier, Ph.D., Chair; (936) 294-1398
Department of Public Health Ray G. Newman, Ph.D., Chair; (936) 294-2736
School of Nursing Devon M. Berry, Ph.D., Director; (936) 202-5116


The College of Health Sciences collaborates with community and global partners to advance knowledge and practice to inspire the lifelong pursuit of health and well-being.


The College seeks to empower society to cultivate the enduring health of individuals and communities.

Graduates will be prepared to succeed in their chosen health profession through mastery of the appropriate knowledge and skills, a well-developed sense of professionalism, and a strong commitment to promoting health and providing quality care.

Core Values

Teamwork: Engage in active participation to foster an environment of shared responsibility.

Outreach: Serve the current and future needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Excellence: Strive for the highest standards and quality in all that we do.

Diversity: Embrace our differences to ensure each unique voice is encouraged and valued.

Curiosity: Nurture innovation/creativity through consumption, creation, and dissemination of knowledge.

Entrepreneurism: Welcome risk-taking and view failure as an opportunity for discovery.

Contact Information
Main Office: (936) 294-2301

College of Health Sciences