University-Wide (UNIV)

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UNIV 1301. Intro To Collegiate Studies. 3 Hours.

UNIV 1301 is a seminar designed to enhance the first-year experience for beginning college students and to increase student success in college. The varied content of the course will facilitate a smoother transition into the college culture. Content areas include: goal setting and time management skills, writing skills, test preparation and taking skills, critical thinking skills, major and career exploration, locating and utilizing campus resources, diversity awareness, wellness strategies, money management, and leadership/civic service awareness. Writing enhanced. Juniors and Seniors will need to contact the FLC Office for approval.
Prerequisite: Open to Freshman and Sophomore students.

UNIV 4301. Gen Studies Capstone Project. 3 Hours.

Students will conduct career exploration activities as well as complete a capstone project linking the three minor areas of study that comprise the student's personalized Bachelor of General Studies degree. Students will have research, review, and analyze the three academic minor areas and meld them into an innovative research report.