Harp (HARP)

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HARP 1201. Harp. 2 Hours.

The course will focus on harp playing technique, historical performance practice, and fundamentals of harp performance.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

HARP 3201. Harp. 2 Hours.

The course will provide advanced training and instruction including performance technique, interpretation of music, performance practice in various major musical periods, alternate tunings, and the history of harps and harp playing.
Prerequisite: Passing the sophomore barrier in harp.

HARP 3202. Applied Harp W/ Jr Recital. 2 Hours.

The course consists of individualized private instruction on the harp. Instruction will focus on technique and musicality. Students will also attend a weekly studio class, where there will be opportunities to perform for fellow students, and perform a culminating recital. Credit 2
Prerequisite: Students must have instructor permission.