Kinesiology (KINE)

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KINE 1110. Racquet Sports. 1 Hour.

Instruction is provided in skills, knowledge, and strategies in one or more of the racquet-related activities listed in the class schedule.

KINE 1111. Elementary Activities. 1 Hour.

This course provides an overview of the program of activities in elementary school physical education with emphasis on the understanding of movement, common problems and possible solutions.

KINE 1113. Basketball And Soccer. 1 Hour.

This course will offer skills, knowledge, and techniques presented at either the beginning or intermediate level in each of these activities. Enrollment limited to Kinesiology majors and minors.

KINE 1114. Rhythmic Activities & Dance. 1 Hour.

The rhythmic portion of the course will include experiences in basic musical signature and pattern identification. These will be applied to selected regional and square dances, jumping rope, and aerobic dance routines. During the innovative games half principles upon which novel activities are based will be presented along with games which depict each tenet. Enrollment limited to Kinesiology majors and minors.

KINE 1115. Track & Field-Gymnastics. 1 Hour.

The student will gain proficiency in fundamental skills in gymnastics and track and field events, as well as an understanding of basic terminology associated with judging and spotting. Enrollment limited to Kinesiology majors and minors.

KINE 1116. Student-Athlete Affairs. 1 Hour.

This course is based upon the National Collegiate Athletic Association CHAMPS/Life Skills Program and is designed to assist the student-athlete in developing skills in the areas of academics, personal growth, career choice, and commitment to service. Enrollment is limited to members of athletic teams. Substitution of this class for the University?s activity requirement is not permitted. No more than four hours of KINE 1116 can be counted toward the degree. Approval for enrollment must be obtained from the student?s coach prior to registration.

KINE 1117. Lifetime & Individual Sports. 1 Hour.

Each class will have skills, knowledge and techniques presented at either the beginning or intermediate level in one or more of the lifetime and individual sports.

KINE 1120. Martial Arts. 1 Hour.

This course will introduce the student to basic martial arts concepts, principles, terminology, safe practices, and applied execution of skills and strategies. An emphasis will be placed on teaching the student basic self-defense techniques and their application in a variety of situations. The student will improve their general physical fitness and skill performance.

KINE 1331. Foundations Of Kinesiology. 3 Hours.

This course serves as a base for all kinesiology courses. Units will include historical development, philosophical implications, physical fitness, scientific bases of movement, and educational values of kinesiology and career path options.

KINE 2110. Scuba/Diving. 1 Hour.

This course will be offered for all levels of swimming (beginning through advanced), diving, synchronized swimming, or scuba diving. For advanced life saving and water safety instructors see KIN 232.

KINE 2111. Golf & Recreational Activities. 1 Hour.

This course presents rules, knowledge and skills in golf, archery and another leisure time activity selected on a rotational basis. Half a semester is devoted to golf, with equal time allotted to archery and the other named activity. Enrollment limited to Kinesiology majors and minors.

KINE 2112. Archery. 1 Hour.

This course will include skills, knowledge and techniques of archery at the beginning level.

KINE 2113. Softball And Volleyball. 1 Hour.

The student will gain skills, knowledge, and techniques of softball and volleyball at the beginning level. Enrollment limited to Kinesiology majors and minors.

KINE 2114. Wgt Train & Phy Conditioning. 1 Hour.

Experiences in this course will include skills, knowledge and techniques of weight training and physical conditioning at the beginning level.

KINE 2115. Lifetime Health and Wellness. 1 Hour.

Students will gain an understanding of physical conditioning and wellness pertaining to the five components of health-related fitness. Students will develop an understanding of lifestyle related diseases and behavior modification techniques. In addition, there will be opportunities to participate in a variety of movement experiences related to fitness.

KINE 2119. Kinesiology Activities. 1 Hour.

Activities can include special or unique areas as instructors are available. This will include those activities which are not offered on a regular basis including aerobic dance, aquatic exercise, etc.

KINE 2330. First Aid - Red Cross Instr Cr. 3 Hours.

A course for those who wish to acquire a knowledge of Red Cross emergency and preventive measures. Successful completion leads to CPR and first aid certification. Students may become instructors through additional American Red Cross training. (Also listed as HLTH 2330.)

KINE 2333. Honors Lifetime Health and Wellness. 3 Hours.

This course will substitute for HON 215 for students in the Honors Program. Specific topics include flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, nutrition, weight control and theories of obesity, ergogenic aids, date rape, sexually transmitted diseases, Title IX, sexual harassment, message, care and prevention of athletic injuries and aging. Other content will be presented as time permits. Students will be required to complete a formal research project which will involve data collection and analysis.

KINE 2365. Coachng-Track,Basebll,Softball. 3 Hours.

This course includes a study of the skills and techniques used in coaching baseball/softball and track and field in the schools. The skills and techniques are demonstrated and performed on the baseball/softball field and track.

KINE 2366. Coaching Of Football. 3 Hours.

The latest techniques of offensive and defensive football are stressed with emphasis on the problems that will confront high school coaches. Some techniques are demonstrated and performed on the football field.

KINE 2367. Coaching Of Basketball. 3 Hours.

A study is made of the fundamental preparation, operation, expertise and management necessary to coach and conduct a basketball program.

KINE 2368. Coaching Of Volleyball. 3 Hours.

A study is made of the individual fundamentals, strategy, scouting, practice preparation and administrative duties associated with coaching a volleyball program.

KINE 2388. Officiating Sports. 3 Hours.

This course includes a study of the rules, interpretations, and the mechanics of officiating. The course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge required in the officiating of football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track and field, and other interscholastic sports.

KINE 3117. Competency in Motor Skills. 1 Hour.

This basic skills course is designed to equip prospective physical education teachers with the motor skill competencies neccessary to teach physical education in EC-12 schools. Prospective physical education teachers will be assessed on skills in tennis, volleyball, soccer, and other sports.

KINE 3362. Functional Kinesiology. 3 Hours.

A study of human motion in two broad areas: the neurological and mechanical aspects of human movement, as well as muscle structure and functions. Application of these two areas to motor skills analysis is emphasized.
Prerequisite: BIOL 2401 or BIOL 3410.

KINE 3363. Assessment In Kinesiology. 3 Hours.

This course presents information on the construction and administration of tests evaluating fitness and motor skills used in sports. Issues in grading and evaluation are also addressed. Previously KIN 321.
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

KINE 3364. Motor Learning. 3 Hours.

This course is designed for students who are preparing for a variety of professions in which the teaching, training, or rehabilitation of motor skills is involved. The goal of this course is to provide a theory-based foundation about the learning of motor skills to facilitate implementation of appropriate strategies and techniques for instructional, training, and rehabilitation applications. Previously KIN 322.
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

KINE 3367. Lifespan Motor Development. 3 Hours.

This course explores the theories of motor development and the applications of these theories to identify continuous processes of motor behavior across the lifespan. The factors mediating human growth and development will be applied. The course focuses on the relationships among growth, gender, maturation, motor performance and the person's context. The critical developmental considerations, with respect to planning and directing movement experiences for individuals across the lifespan, will be emphasized in the course.
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

KINE 3368. Skill Themes & Mvmnt Concepts. 3 Hours.

This course includes a study of motor programming with special focus on the child, his/her needs and abilities, and the administration, organization, evaluation, and implementation of sequential motor programs which enhance motor development.

KINE 3372. Team& Indv/Dual Sprt Skll Anal. 3 Hours.

This course will introduce the instructional process of analyzing and sequencing skill components and performance techniques found within team and individual/dual sports. The course is designed to allow the student to engage in individual and cooperative teaching experiences that utilize multiple instructional strategies. The student will investigate the process of a task analysis and other skill sequencing experiences. Aspects of lesson progression and construction will be incorporated throughout the course while maintaining a focus on motor skill acquisition.

KINE 3373. Physiology Of Exercise. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the manner in which the body reacts to the exacting requirements of activity and exercise.
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

KINE 3375. Teaching Seconday Physical Edu. 3 Hours.

This course examines the designing of physical education programs, teaching of physical education programs, analysis of student performance in a physical education program, and implementation of a physical education program at the secondary level. Opportunities are provided to work with physical education students in the secondary setting.
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

KINE 3378. Adm of Kinesiology & Sport. 3 Hours.

The purpose of this course will be to examine management theory and practice related to the sport industry. In addition, a variety of specializations associated with the field of sport management will be examined to help the student garner a better understanding of available career opportunities in this sector of business. The application of concepts to scholastic programs will also be discussed.

KINE 3388. Sports In Contemp Society. 3 Hours.

A study is made of sport and its impact upon society.

KINE 3389. Gender and Sport. 3 Hours.

This course offers an introduction to current scholarship and debates surrounding issues of gender in sport. The purpose of this course is to analyze the complex interactions of gender, race, sexuality, and class within sport. A critical perspective will be used to examine sport as a significant social institution and to explore its relationship to the cultural construction and interpretation of gender.

KINE 4117. Practicum. 1 Hour.

A course in which students serve as interns in a laboratory situation where emphasis is placed upon teaching skills. This provides a qualified student with an opportunity to gain teaching experience.
Prerequisite: Permission of department chair.

KINE 4335. Sport and Exercise Psychology. 3 Hours.

This course deals with understanding of the psychological make-up of the athlete. It explores traditional myths, syndromes and stumbling blocks facing the modern day athlete and how these may be overcome. The course will focus on the dynamics of the coach/athlete relationship.

KINE 4362. Biomechanical Analysis. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on the quantitative biomechanical analysis of human movement and its relationship to activity, performance, and injury causation and prevention. Students will also explore research methods and investigations in biomechanics.
Prerequisite: KINE 3362.

KINE 4363. Elementary Physical Education. 3 Hours.

This course is concerned with a study of fine and gross-motor activities and developmental progressions of pre-school children. Opportunities are given for field-based experiences in teaching children motor skills.
Prerequisite: KINE 3368.

KINE 4369. Adapted Physical Activity. 3 Hours.

A study of the special needs of handicapped individuals with emphasis on the adaptations of activities for them in a program of kinesiology.

KINE 4373. Adv Tpcs In Physlgy Of Exercis. 3 Hours.

This course bridges the gap between basic undergraduate and graduate physiology of exercise. Selected topics will include: perceived exertion, biorhythms, mood elevation and exercise, interval training, periodization, LBW gain, somatotyping, effects of high altitude, blood doping, ergogenic aids, vegetarian diets, pregnancy and exercise, theories of obesity and endocrine functioning. Other topics will be presented as time permits.

KINE 4377. Prin Exer Testing/Prescription. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to provide the student with the theoretical background and practical experience necessary for the safe and scientific evaluation of physical fitness, particularly as it relates to health and disease and the development of programs for remediation, maintenance and enhancement of motor and health-related qualities.

KINE 4392. Problems In Kinesiology. 3 Hours.

A directed individual study of an approved problem related to the field of kinesiology.
Prerequisite: 9 advanced hours in Kinesiology and permission of the department chair.

KINE 4393. Prncples& Prac Of Adlt Fit Mgt. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to provide the student with the theoretical background and practical experience necessary for a successful internship experience.
Prerequisite: Senior standing.

KINE 4394. Internship. 3 Hours.

This course provides the study with opportunities to demonstrate competencies developed in previous courses by working in an agency under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.
Prerequisite: KINE 4393, KINE 4377 and senior standing.