Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW)

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INRW 0111. Tutorial for Integ Read/Write. 1 Hour.

This is a one-hour reading and writing tutorial designed to integrate students' critical reading and academic writing skills. The goals of the course are to increase practice with SAE (Standard American English), reinforce reading strategies, and support students in the co-requisite ENGL 1301. Credit: 0.
Prerequisite: Score of 360-362 in writing and score of 348-350 for reading in the Texas Success Initiative Assessment Test.

INRW 0301. Integrated Reading and Writing. 3 Hours.

The course focuses on applying critical reading skills for organizing, analyzing, and retaining material and developing written work appropriate to the audience, purpose, situation, and length of the assignment. The course fulfills Texas State Initiative (TSI) requirements for reading and/or writing.
Prerequisite: Students scoring 342-347 on the Reading portion of the TSI Assessment Test and/or 350-359 on the Writing portion of the TSI Assessment Test.