Minor in Kinesiology

Minor in Kinesiology
Kinesiology Core:
KINE 1331Foundations Of Kinesiology3
KINE 2114Wgt Train & Phy Conditioning1
KINE 2115Lifetime Health and Wellness 11
KINE 3362Functional Kinesiology3
KINE 3364Motor Learning3
KINE 3373Physiology Of Exercise3
Choose 6 hours advanced KINE 3000 or 4000 level6
Select one of the following:1
Racquet Sports (tennis/badminton)
Basketball And Soccer
Rhythmic Activities & Dance
Track & Field-Gymnastics
Golf & Recreational Activities
Softball And Volleyball
Practicum 2
Total Hours21


All KINE/ATTR majors and/or minors must earn a "C" or better for all KINE and ATTR courses.

Recommended to take KINE 1331 Freshman or Sophomore year.

KINE 3364 and KINE 3373 require Junior Standing.

KINE 3362 has a prerequisite of BIOL 2401.