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HLTH 6384. Health Quality & Safety Capstone. 3 Hours.

This culminating course is designed to integrate all of the contextual material from the coursework included in the MS in Health Care Quality and Safety program. Emphasis is placed on the assimilation and application of health information, organizational processes, continuous improvement constructs, and operational and patient safety strategies. This course includes a student capstone project that focuses on assessment, planning, and evaluation about an emerging healthcare quality and safety issue. HLTH 6384 serves as the comprehensive exam component for the MS in Health Care Quality and Safety Degree. Students must earn a "B" or higher in the course to be eligible for graduation.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing, admission to the program, completion of HLTH 5355, HLTH 5371, HLTH 5373, HLTH 5378, HLTH 5384, and HLTH 6373.