Bachelor of Arts, Major in Homeland Security Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Homeland Security Studies
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics) 13
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Degree Specific Electives
Foreign Language 214
Select four of the following:12
Fundamentals Of Criminal Law
Police Systems & Practices
Criminal Investigation
Courts And Criminal Procedure
Introduction To Economics
Critical Thinking
Principles Of Sociology
Major Core
SCST 2363Intro to Homeland Security3
SCST 2364Homeland Sec Research Methods3
SCST 2365Intro to Emergency Management3
SCST 3380Law and Ethics in Homeland Sec3
SCST 3393Public Health in Homeland Sec3
SCST 3394Global Terrorism & Homeland Security3
SCST 4363Homeland Sec Intelligence3
SCST 4365Border Security3
SCST 4367Critical Infrastructure Security3
SCST 4379Comparative Homeland Sec3
Major Electives24
Select 8 from the following
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Transportation Security
Climate and Security
Energy Security
Water Security
U.S. Security Post 9/11
Technology and Homeland Sec
Intelligence Analysis
Homeland Sec & Emergency Mgmt
Special Topics in Sec. Stud.
General Elective 4
Total Hours120
First Year
Component Area II13Component Area V3
ENGL 130123Component Area IX1
HIST 130133ENGL 130223
SCST 23633HIST 130233
SCST 23653SCST 23643
 15 13
Second Year
Component Area III4Component Area III4
Foreign Language 44Degree Specific Elective63
POLS 230553Foreign Language44
SCST 33943POLS 230653
 SCST 43653
 14 17
Third Year
Foreign Language 4, 73Component Area VIII3
SCST 33803Foreign Language 4, 73
SCST 33933SCST 43633
SCST Major Elective 86SCST Major Elective86
 15 15
Fourth Year
Degree Specific Electives63Degree Specific Electives66
General Electives 4SCST 43793
SCST 43673SCST Major Electives86
SCST Major Electives86 
 16 15
Total Hours: 120
Degree Specific Elective Courses
CRIJ 2364Fundamentals Of Criminal Law3
CRIJ 2367Police Systems & Practices3
CRIJ 2368Criminal Investigation3
CRIJ 2394Courts And Criminal Procedure3
ECON 2300Introduction To Economics 13
PHIL 2303Critical Thinking 13
SOCI 1301Principles Of Sociology 13
Major Elective Courses
SCST 2366Introduction to Cybersecurity3
SCST 2368Transportation Security3
SCST 3381Climate and Security3
SCST 3383Energy Security3
SCST 3384Water Security3
SCST 4362U.S. Security Post 9/113
SCST 4368Technology and Homeland Sec3
SCST 4370Intelligence Analysis3
SCST 4364Homeland Sec & Emergency Mgmt3
SCST 4377Special Topics in Sec. Stud.3