Department of Physics and Astronomy


Chair: Joel W. Walker

Contact Information: (936) 294-4803

Website: Department of Physics and Astronomy 


The mission of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is to promulgate the ability to critically think about nature through teaching and to develop the inquisitiveness to seek additional knowledge by research. In conducting this mission, the Department of Physics and Astronomy will provide capable scientists that can make positive contributions to our society. In order to accomplish this mission, the Department of Physics and Astronomy will take the following steps:

  • Improve success in learning and research among all students in the department.
  • Develop additional methods to plan and assess the program in the department.
  • Recruit and retain qualified, motivated students.
  • Promote diversity in the faculty and students.
  • Collaborate with other institutions and departments to enhance educational opportunities.
  • Develop and implement additional educational services to off-campus audiences.
  • Provide assistance to teachers in the schools preparing the future students for the institution.

Physics is the study of how nature behaves. It is concerned with the basic principles of the universe and is one of the foundations on which other physical sciences are based. The beauty of physics is exhibited by the simplicity of its fundamental theories and in the way a small number of basic concepts, equations, and assumptions can expand the student's understanding of the world.

Academic Programs

The Department of Physics and Astronomy currently offers only undergraduate degree programs. See the current undergraduate catalog for more details.


The Department of Physics and Astronomy does not currently offer graduate courses. Please consult the current undergraduate catalog for course offerings.