Minor in Astronomy

The Astronomy Minor pairs perfectly with the Physics Major for students continuing to a Master's or PhD program in Astronomy.  It likewise goes well with Pre-Engineering or Engineering Technology, for students targeting employment in the burgeoning Texas aerospace sector, or with an Education Major for future science teachers.  The Astronomy Minor is also accessible to all who simply love exploring the majesty of our universe, with no advanced physics or mathematics requirements.

Minor in Astronomy
Required Courses
PHYS 1403Stars & Galaxies4
PHYS 1404Solar System Astronomy4
ASTR 3303Life in the Universe3
ASTR 3383Cosmic Catastrophes3
Prescribed Electives
Select one to two courses from the following:4-6
and Astronomy Laboratory
Light And Optics
and Light And Optics
Undergraduate Research
Selected Topics In Physics
Senior Thesis
Total Hours18-20