Minor in Environmental Studies

The minor in environmental studies provides students with a broad range of social, historical, and scientific perspectives on the relationship between social systems and the environment. The minor includes a range of courses across the social sciences and humanities that will provide them with the skills and knowledge to engage with an array of environmental challenges at multiple scales. Students will gain competencies in: analyzing environmental issues from scientific, ethical, and policy perspectives; techniques for collecting, analyzing, and communicating environmental data; and problem-solving skills for addressing environmental issues in local communities and the broader society.

Minor in Environmental Studies
Required Courses
BIOL 1401Environmental Science3 or 4
or GEOG 1300 People, Places, and the Environment
Select two of the following three course options:6
Sustainability & Environment 1
Sustainability & Environment
Environmental Geography
Environment And Society
GEOG 3310Sustainable Development3
or SOCI 4339 Development & Sustainability
GEOG 4331Conservation of Natural Resources3
or POLS 3395 Environmental Policy
Select one of the following:3
Cultural Geography
Urban Geography
Food and Society
HIST 3395American Environmental History3
or PHIL 4334 Environmental Ethics
Prescribed Electives
Select one of the following:3
Environmental Communication
Energy and Environmental Economics
Economic Geography
Environmental Geology
Environmental Health
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Policy
Total Hours24-25

Select either BIOL 3320 or GEOG 3320 (students can only complete 1 of these courses).