Minor in Agricultural Business

Agricultural business knowledge is essential for operating any agricultural enterprise in today's economy. While many students may choose to major in another agricultural field, learning business skills through an agricultural business minor is an excellent complement to the technical expertise gained in an agricultural major. The Minor in Agricultural Business may be selected to accompany any approved major at Sam Houston State University except Interdisciplinary Agriculture.

Minor in Agricultural Business
Agricultural Business Core
AGBU 2317Principles of Agricultural Economics3
AGBU 2385Analysis of the Agricultural Sector3
AGBU 2389Agribusiness Financial Analysis3
Prescribed Electives
Select 9 hours from the following:9
Agribusiness Organization & Management
Agricultural Finance
Quantitative Methods for Agribusiness
Agribusiness Ventures
Agribusiness Marketing
Natural Resource Economics
Agricultural Sales & Consulting
Legal Issues in Agribusiness
Special Topic
Agricultural Market Analysis & Prices
Economics of Land Use & Planning
Farm & Ranch Management
Agriculture & Food Policy
Total Hours18