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MCOM 1130. Media Literacy. 1 Hour. [TCCN: COMM 2300]

Students critically examine and analyze media found in the world around them, and explore existential issues within those media frameworks, particularly during times of cultural shifts. Through class discussions, interactive media demonstrations, and other experiences, this course helps students make sense of and control their media environments, as well as develop a critical approach to understanding and creating media.
Prerequisite: None.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Mass Communications: Film Concentration

The Film concentration provides students interested in digital cinema with the basics of film production and the visual lexicon. This includes fundamental film production and post-production skills as well as an examination of contemporary and historical films in terms of style and context. Students develop skills to critically examine film texts and to appreciate production workflow, preparing them for an exciting career in the film industry.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Film & TV Production

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and TV production at Sam Houston State University is perfect for anyone interested in studying digital cinema.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Mass Communication: Broadcast Production Concentration

Students completing a degree in the concentration are prepared for decision-making and technical responsibilities in radio, television, field production, and social media. Technical, artistic, and management skills combine to ensure that quality digital content is presented in a compelling, appropriate, cost-effective, and engaging manner. Using various forms of technology, students will learn to visually tell a story and capture content to effectively reach an audience. Students will be equipped to enter the workforce with experience and industry application through the production of content for radio (90.5 KSHU), TV (Cable Channel 7), ESPN+, social media, and the Web.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Mass Communication: Multiplatform Journalism Concentration

The Multiplatform Journalism concentration empowers students to craft news content on a variety of media platforms with efficiency and expedience. Students develop traditional reporting and interviewing skills, writing and editing news copy proficiencies, and expertise with photography, audio recording, and video recording. Publication across platforms, including student-created websites and diverse social media, is also emphasized.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Mass Communication: Public Relations & Advertising Concentration

Today’s marketplace increasingly requires communication practitioners to understand both traditional and new media and to be able to integrate communication tools across once-separate disciplines. Students who choose the Public Relations & Advertising concentration will participate in a program that will provide a strong grounding in analytical and creative thought and comprehensive understanding of current industry trends. Students are required to complete the MCOM six-course core and then focus on a sequence of public relations and advertising courses that combines theoretical perspectives with hands-on experience. Students can also choose to enhance their portfolios and field experiences by taking elective courses such as the Professional Internship and Priority One, an on-campus agency.