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GEOG 6099. Thesis II. 1-3 Hours.

The student completes a thesis involving research and study of the applications of geographic information systems and related technologies. The work involved includes research on the approved thesis topic, preparation of a draft, and a final thesis. The thesis must be at minimum of thirty pages in length and must be suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal on the topic. Students must also make a 30-minute Power Point presentation on the approved topic. Variable Credit (1-3). Course Equivalents: GEOG 6399
Prerequisite: GEOG 5361, GEOG 5362, GEOG 5363, GEOG 5364, GEOG 5367, or consent of graduate supervisor.

Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems
The applied Geographic Information System (GIS) graduate program will give students the critical knowledge to succeed in the challenging world of geospatial technologies. This includes advanced classes and labs in GIS (ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Online); remote sensing (ERDAS IMAGINE); web-based mapping; model builder; programming; spatial database; and spatial analysis. In particular, this program is designed to enhance an individual's knowledge in geographic information science and technology. Additionally, applications of the technology in the oil and gas industry, public health sector, parcel mapping, local government, law enforcement, national security, and market research are featured.