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DFSC 6347. Directed Management and Development Project. 3 Hours.

Students are provided the rationale and necessity for a full range of security concepts and techniques and how to apply them to multiple operating systems. Students cover methodologies for the design of operating system security and forensic techniques for operating systems. In addition, the identification of best practices in the administration, testing, and security for operating systems is covered. Continuous enrollment in DFSC 6347 is required until graduation.
Prerequisite: 24 hours graduate coursework.

Master of Science in Digital Forensics
The Master of Science in Digital Forensics is a thirty hour program that prepares students for service in a variety of public and commercial arenas such as digital forensics or as network security professionals. In particular, graduates from the Digital Forensics program will be able to effectively plan, establish, and administer security and information assurance systems in commercial settings and law enforcement. This program utilizes state-of-the-art facilities, like Sam Houston State University's Cyber Forensics Intelligence Center. The facility includes a Network Security Lab, accommodating training in data, network and cyber security intrusion detection, prevention and tracing, and a Data Recovery Lab that will provide training in the identification, recovery, and preservation of data for legal purposes.

Master of Science in Computing and Data Science
The Computing and Data Science curriculum utilizes state-of-the-art software, software development methodologies, project management techniques, data science, and systems. Emphasis is placed on preparing students for an environment where change is the norm. Computing and Data Science may be selected as the major for the Master of Science degree.