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BIOL 4399. Senior Thesis II. 3 Hours.

Students in this course work under close faculty supervision on a sustained research project to produce a thesis. Project topics will vary based on advisor's research expertise. Students will gain hands-on experience in conducting research and scientific writing. Sucessful completion of BIOL 4398 and BIOL 4399 may qualify the student to graduate with Academic Distinction (see the undergraduate catalog for additional requirements of the Academic Distinction Program).
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of B in BIOL 4398 and approval of the department chair.

Department of Biological Sciences
The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and scientific discovery in the life sciences through innovative teaching and research programs. The department strives to instill in its students the philosophy of lifelong scholarship, producing scientifically literate members of society who have the knowledge to contribute and compete in a rapidly changing world.