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ARTS 3374. Alternative Photo Processes. 3 Hours.

Students are introduced to a variety of photographic processes including historical and non-silver processes. Digital and analog processes are combined with experimental techniques and used creatively to create non-traditional artworks.
Prerequisite: ARTS 1313, ARTS 1314, ARTS 1315, ARTS 2365, and ARTS 2375 with a grade of C or better.

THEA 3374. The Actor & Commedia dell'Arte. 3 Hours.

This course trains actors using stock characters of commedia dell'arte, an Italian theatrical form. Specialized in-class exercises, exploration of mask work and clowning lead students to find an awareness of their own habits in characterizations. Students broaden their physical expressiveness leading to a heightened and vibrant stage presence.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.