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ARTS 1315. W.A.S.H. - Lecture. 3 Hours. [TCCN: ARTS 1313]

Students are introduced to the concepts, theories, and information for development in ARTS 1313 and ARTS 1314, the studio components linked with this visual arts foundation course. The course provides an arena for students to experience lectures, demonstrations, seminar activities, and visiting speakers as well as the more traditional aspects of the discipline. The course is geared towards contemporary visual concerns and uses experimental techniques to expose students to an array of styles and methodologies. Co-requisites: ARTS 1313 and ARTS 1314.

Department of Art

The Department of Art offers opportunities for creative students to explore and develop proficiencies in many traditional art forms, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and photography. New and innovative art forms are also promoted in the Department of Art. Digital media courses are offered in graphic design, animation, photography, and studio art. Traditional and new media programs are supported by the Art History program, which provides concepts in aesthetics and art theory from diverse cultures and time periods.

Minor in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design minor requires 18 hours (6 courses). Three courses are predetermined with  three others selected from a list of electives.

Core Curriculum

...Required ARTS 1301 ARTS 1301 ARTS 1302 ARTS...2321 COMS 1361 SPCH 1315 COMS 2382 SPCH...

Minor in Photography

...Art majors may not minor in Photography. Prerequisites: ARTS 1313 , ARTS 1314 , and ARTS 1315...