Victim Studies (VCST)

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VCST 3341. Aging, Crime and Victimization. 3 Hours.

Students explore general knowledge about aging in the United States as it applies to information about senior adults’ experiences with victimization, offending, and incarceration. Future directions for public policy related to crime and aging are evaluated.
Prerequisite: CRIJ 2361, CRIJ 2362.

VCST 3350. Victimology. 3 Hours.

Students engage in a survey of the literature, research, and current trends concerning the victim in the criminal justice system. Particular attention is given to victims' rights and compensation, fear of crime, measuring victimization, and the impact of victimization on individuals.

VCST 3351. Victim Service Delivery. 3 Hours.

Students analyze the provision of social and criminal justice services to victims of crime. This is accomplished by examining community and individual services that are afforded to crime victims. The material covered also includes how victim advocacy is positioned within the formal systems of criminal justice and addresses the social and legal issues that impose upon victim service delivery and the theories that explain these impediments to service provision.
Prerequisite: VCST 3350.

VCST 4338. Child Abuse And Neglect. 3 Hours.

Students develop knowledge concerning key concepts and terminology related to child abuse and neglect, including related laws, and court procedures, investigative techniques, and intervention and prevention programs. In addition, this course provides a foundation for students who may enter professional careers that place them in a position to address and/or investigate suspected cases of child abuse and neglect.

VCST 4351. Trauma and Crisis Intervention. 3 Hours.

Students focus on understanding and effectively assisting victims of traumatic events. Students learn how the context in which trauma occurs can affect the cognitive, affective, behavioral, and neurological functioning of an individual. Multicultural aspects that either impair or facilitate recovery are assessed. Crisis intervention models and the pertinent legal and ethical issues for service provision are evaluated. Prerequisite Junior standing and VCST 3350.

VCST 4370. Interviewing & Counseling. 3 Hours.

Students explore counseling psychology as applied to counseling and interviewing victims of crime. Particular emphasis is placed on principals and procedures; the theoretical foundations of therapeutic psychology; and the therapeutic process and its techniques.

VCST 4376. Independent Study in Victim Studies. 3 Hours.

Students examine a topic related to victim studies. Under the direct supervision of a faculty member, the faculty and student formulate a course of study which could include reviewing relevant literature, engaging in research, exploring professional practice, or conducting other forms of inquiry appropriate to the course of study. The course may be repeated for credit.
Prerequisite: Department Approval.

VCST 4377. Special Topics in Victim Studies. 3 Hours.

Students examine special topics in the field of victimology and victim services. This course is designed to give advanced undergraduate students academic flexibility. Students may repeat this course for credit when topics differ.

VCST 4383. Family Violence. 3 Hours.

Students explore theoretical and sociological issues, both past and present, associated with family violence victimization in society. Specific attention is given to the impact family violence has on the victim and society, legal aspects of family violence, key factors associated with recognition of family violence, and pertinent research on sub-types of family violence.

VCST 4390. Violence Against Women. 3 Hours.

Students analyze the deeper social context in which violence against women occurs. Topics to be covered may include intimate partner violence, rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, and media depictions of violence against women. Attention is given to the ways in which violence against women affects women, men, and children. In addition, the ways that the criminal justice system responds to these types of crimes, including how the criminal justice system and social service agencies may better address the needs of victims and offenders.
Prerequisite: VCST 3350.

VCST 4398. Problem Analysis in Victim Studies. 3 Hours.

This course serves as a capstone for Victim Studies undergraduate students. Students use skills and knowledge from prior victim studies courses to address victimization issues. The course consists of the application of research skills and analytic techniques to address facets of victimization including intimate partner violence, family violence, violence against women, elder abuse, and child abuse and neglect, stalking, and human trafficking. Attention is also given to victim service delivery and evaluation.
Prerequisite: Senior standing and VCST 3350.