Sport Management (SPMT)

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SPMT 3301. Professional Development in Sports. 3 Hours.

Students engage in an applied study of professional career development in the sport industry. Students will prepare for their chosen careers within the sport industry by developing decision-making strategies, interviewing skills, networking opportunities, and effective leadership behaviors.
Prerequisite: 45 hours.

SPMT 3302. Introduction to Sport Marketing. 3 Hours.

Students acquire a fundamental understanding of the marketing of sport events, products, and services to professional, collegiate, and community sport consumers. Planning and organization of appropriate marketing strategies to meet sport consumers’ needs are addressed. Elementary electronic and social media marketing methods and their role in sport organization marketing strategy development are also discussed.
Prerequisite: 45 hours.

SPMT 4300. Leadership in Sport Management. 3 Hours.

Students examine leadership theory and its application to the sport industry. Students will study leadership theory and practice within the context of administering athletic departments or programs, directing sport-related businesses, and managing community sport environments. Students employ the tools necessary to handle the challenges and complexities of leadership, including data-informed problem solving, creating and implementing a shared vision, and responsive strategic thinking.
Prerequisite: 75 hours.

SPMT 4302. Principles of Sport Finance. 3 Hours.

Students analyze the financial tools that sport managers employ within the sport industry. Financial planning and forecast processing with sport organizations will be explored. Strategy development will also be examined within the context of both traditional and innovative financial methods that examine dynamic financial structure changes in the sport industry.
Prerequisite: 75 hours.

SPMT 4303. Principles of Sport Analytics. 3 Hours.

Students are introduced to the role of data analytics and its application within the sport industry. Students collect, sort, assess, and analyze data for the purposes of improving decision-making, increasing productivity, and maximizing profits.
Prerequisite: 75 hours.