Minor in Sports Media

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The minor in Sports Media's 21 semester credit hour curriculum enhances instruction for students seeking careers in sports media. Students seeking jobs in sports broadcasting, sports journalism, and other sports areas will benefit from focusing their study in this subject area.  


All students declaring a major or minor in Mass Communication or Agricultural Communication (Ag/Com) are required to receive a grade of C or better in all MCOM, MCFL, MCJR, MCPA, and MCPD courses.

All students who choose to declare a major or minor in Mass Communication or Agricultural Communication (Ag/Com) will be required to pass the Grammar Competency Lab with a score of 80 percent or better before they will be allowed to register for 3000 or 4000-level courses in MCOM, MCFL, MCJR, MCPA, or MCPD.  Please, visit the Grammar Module for additional information.  

Minor in Sports Media
Required courses
MCJR 2362News Reporting3
MCJR 3366Photojournalism3
MCOM 1332Writing For Mass Media3
MCOM 3026Media Practicum 13
MCPD 3374Sports Media Production I3
MCPD 4374Sports Media Production II3
Prescribed Electives
Select one of the following:3
Sport Law
Adm of Kinesiology & Sport
Sports in Contemp Society
Gender and Sport
Single Cam & Non-Linear Edit I
Field & Studio Audio Recording
Reporting Sports Journalism
Multi-Camera Studio Production
Multi-Camera Field Production
Advanced Audio Production
Directing Multicamera Productions
Total Hours21

MCOM 3026 Media Practicum (Sports or The Houstonian - Sports)


Mass Communication majors will not be allowed to count courses required for their concentration toward the minor in Sports Media.  Prescribed electives for the minor should be taken instead to meet the 21 credit hour total. Mass Communication majors will be permitted to count concentration electives toward the minor. 

Prerequisite courses resulting in additional semester credit hours may be required.