Department of Military Science

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Chair: Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Limberg

The Department of Military Science at Sam Houston State University is administratively aligned with the Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Course of Instruction

Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) classes are offered on an elective basis. Students may take the lower-division courses and summer Army training such as Airborne School without obligation for military service. Students who desire to pursue upper-division courses may complete the ROTC program and compete for an officer commission on Active Duty, in the U. S. Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. A minor in military science is offered.

Army ROTC Scholarships

The United States Army offers two, three, and four-year competitive scholarships annually.  The four year scholarship is awarded by a National Board and can be accessed at  Two and three year scholarships are vetted and awarded by the Department of Military Science based on annual availability and the strength of the applicant. Competitive candidates will have a minimum 2.5 GPA, strong physical fitness attributes, and demonstrated leadership capability.  These scholarships pay full tuition and fees and provide $1,200.00 for books and supplies. Scholarship and non-scholarship contract students receive a subsistence allowance of $420 for up to ten months per year. Several other private scholarships are awarded annually to students enrolled in Military Science courses. All students are encouraged to contact the Department of Military Science for an application or to learn more.

Tuition Rates

In-state rates for fees and tuition are given to out-of-state students that have agreed to accept a commission in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Academic Substitution

Limited course substitution is available with permission of both the PMS and the department chair concerned.

Academic Minor

Students may seek a minor in Military Science with the approval of the PMS and the approval of the dean of the college in which the student pursues his/her major. Requirements are eighteen hours of advanced Military Science, six hours from the Professional Military Education (PME) component courses, 3 hours approved Military History course, and 3 hours of English Composition II. 

MLSC 1101. Applied Leadership Lab I. 1 Hour.

A practical laboratory of applied leadership and skills that is required for each 1000-level Military Science Basic Course. Activities include rappelling, preliminary and advanced rifle marksmanship, first aid, field leadership reaction course and physical conditioning. Three hours per week.

MLSC 1211. Introduction to the U.S. Army. 2 Hours.

This course develops students who accept the Army as a values-based organization and embrace the scholar-athlete-warrior ethos. The course also familiarizes students with individual roles and responsibilities in support of team efforts and problem solving processes in military and non-military situations. The course introduces and reinforces the importance of effective oral and written communication skills, resilience, and student commitment to learning. Co-requisite: MLSC 1101.

MLSC 1212. Agile and Adaptive Leadership. 2 Hours.

Students learn to recognize and take responsibility for their own personal development through instruction in critical thinking, time management, goal setting, and communication. Students learn the basics of the communications process and the importance for leaders to develop the essential skills to effectively communicate in the Army. Co-requisite: MLSC 1101.

MLSC 2101. Applied Leadership Lab II. 1 Hour.

A practical laboratory of applied skills and leadership. Activities include rappelling, rifle marksmanship, basic land navigation, and fundamentals of tactics. Three hours per week.

MLSC 2211. Leadership and Decision Making. 2 Hours.

Students learn to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills using Troop Leading Procedures (TLP). Students also identify the importance of diversity and the officer‘s role in leading change. Upon completion of this course students demonstrate the fundamentals of the Army as a profession. Co-requisite: MLSC 2101.

MLSC 2212. Army Doctrine/Team Development. 2 Hours.

Students learn Army doctrine and team development. The course also reinforces the importance of Army Values, Teamwork, and Warrior Ethos while integrating the student's relationship to the Law of Land Warfare and philosophy of military service. Co-requisite: MLSC 2101.

MLSC 2401. Leader'S Training Course (Ltc). 4 Hours.

An optional four-week leadership intern program conducted during June and July at Fort Knox, Kentucky, consisting of basic leadership and adventure-type training. This course is for the student who is considering enrollment in the ROTC Advanced Course, but who does not have credit for the Basic Course. The Army provides transportation, room, board, and clothing. The student is paid approximately $750.00 for the four-week period and is eligible to compete for a two-year Army ROTC scholarship. No service obligation is incurred. 750.00 for the four-week period and is eligible to compete for a two-year Army ROTC scholarship. No service obligation is incurred.

MLSC 3101. Applied Leadership Lab III/IV. 1 Hour.

A practical application laboratory, which is planned by the MSIV (senior) students, executed by the MSIV (senior) students, and supervised by department staff and faculty. Activities include: safety/first aid, drill and ceremony, land navigation, rappelling, rifle marksmanship, and tactics. This class is required for contracted cadets enrolled in the MLSC 3311, 3312, 4311, or 4312 classes. Three hours per week.

MLSC 3311. Training Management. 3 Hours.

Students enrolled in this course must progress from the Basic Course or Basic Camp at Fort Knox, KY. Cadets entering the Advanced Course contract (commit) to become officers before or during this semester. Cadets will study, practice, and apply the tenets of Army Leadership, Officership, Army Values and Ethics, Personal Development, and small unit tactics at the platoon level. Co-requisite: MLSC 3101.
Prerequisite: Basic Course (MLSC 1211, 1212, 2211, 2212) or Leader's Training Course (MLSC 2401).

MLSC 3312. Applied Leadership. 3 Hours.

This is the second course in the Military Science Advanced Course series and focuses on applied leadership in small unit operations. Students study, practice, and apply the fundamentals of direct level leadership and small unit tactics at the platoon level. Co-requisite: MLSC 3101.
Prerequisite: Basic Course (MLSC 1211, 1212, 2211, & 2212) or Leader's Training Course (MLSC 2401) followed by MLSC3311.

MLSC 3401. Nat'l Adv Leadershp Camp(Nalc). 4 Hours.

A required four-week course during June and July of practical and theoretical instruction at an Army training center. Normally attended between the junior and senior years with transportation, room and board expenses paid by the Army. Advanced Camp cadets are paid approximately $750 for the four-week period. $750 for the four-week period.

MLSC 4303. Spc Tpcs In Military Science. 3 Hours.

Independent concentrated study on an individual basis on current topics in Military Science. Performance will be based on oral presentation, written tests and research papers. Times to be arranged with PMS.

MLSC 4311. The Army Officer. 3 Hours.

This is the third course in the Military Science Advanced Course series. Students in this course begin their final preparation to assume the role of an Army Officer. Students learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, resource, and assess training at the small unit level. Students also learn about Army programs, how to counsel and evaluate subordinate performance, values and ethics, career planning, and legal responsibilities. Students actively demonstrate the ability to prepare, execute, and continuously assess the conduct of training at the company grade level. Co-requisite: MLSC 3101.
Prerequisite: MLSC 3211 and MLSC 3212.

MLSC 4312. Company Grade Leadership. 3 Hours.

Students develop knowledge, skills, and abilities required of junior officers pertaining to the Army in Unified Land Operations and Company Grade Officer roles and responsibilities. Successful completion of this course assists in preparing students for basic Officer Leader Course and is a mandatory requirement for commissioning. Co-requisite: MLSC 3101.
Prerequisite: Basic Course (MLSC 1211, 1212, 2211 & 2212) or Leader's Training Course (MLSC 2401) followed by MLSC 3311, 3312, 4311.