Bachelor of Science, Major in Health Science: 3+2 MSAT

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Bachelor of Science, Major in Health Science: 3+2 MSAT
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics) 13
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science) 28
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture) 33
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences) 43
Component Area IX (Component Area Option) 54
Degree Specific Requirements
BIOL 2403Human Anatomy & Physiology I 24
or BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy
BIOL 2404Human Anatomy & Physiology II 64
or BIOL 2402 Human Physiology
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I 24
or CHEM 1406 Inorganic & Envir Chemistry
KINE 2115Lifetime Health and Wellness 51
MATH 1314Pre Calculus Algebra 13
or MATH 1410 Elementary Functions
or MATH 1420 Calculus I
MATH 1370Intro Biomedical Statistics 73
or MATH 3379 Statistical Mthods in Practice
or MATH 1342 Elementary Statistics
or STAT 3379 Statistical Methds in Practice
PSYC 1301Introduction To Psychology 43
Major Required Courses: 27 Credit Hours
HLTH 1360Fund Hlth Promo & Hlth Careers3
HLTH 2372Health & Medical Terminology3
HLTH 2383Multicultural Health Issues3
HLTH 2391Human Diseases3
HLTH 3350Principles of Public Health3
HLTH 3360Epidemiology3
PSYC 3374Development Psychology3
Prescribed Electives
ATTR 2300Intro to Athletic Training3
ATTR 3370Prevention & Care of Injuries3
BIOL 1413General Zoology4
COMS 1361Public Speaking 53
FACS 2362Nutrition3
KINE 3362Functional Kinesiology3
KINE 3373Physiology Of Exercise3
MATH 1316Plane Trigonometry3
PHYS 1301
PHYS 1101
General Phy-Mechanics & Heat
and General Physics Laboratory I
3+2 MSAT 8
ATTR 5210Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training I2
ATTR 5220Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training II2
ATTR 5230Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training III2
ATTR 5240Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training IV2
ATTR 5300Injury Prevention and Protective Strategies3
ATTR 5310Clinical Evaluation and Assessment Fundamentals3
ATTR 5311
ATTR 5111
Lower Extremity Injuries
and Lower Extremity Injuries Lab
ATTR 5312
ATTR 5112
Upper Extremity Injuries
and Upper Extremity Injuries Lab
ATTR 5313Head and Facial Injuries in Sport3
ATTR 5314Spine and Pelvis Injuries3
ATTR 5315
ATTR 5115
Non-Orthopedic Pathologies in Sport and Exercise
and Non-Orthopedic Pathologies Lab
ATTR 5320Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training3
ATTR 5330
ATTR 5130
Therapeutic Interventions I
and Therapeutic Intervention I Lab
ATTR 5331
ATTR 5131
Therapeutic Interventions II
and Therapeutic Intervention II Lab
ATTR 5340Administration in Athletic Training3
ATTR 5350Immersive Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training3
HLTH 5371Health Care Quality & Safety3
HLTH 5378Health Care Informatics3
KINE 5374Appld Rsrch Mthd-Kin & Spt Mgt3
Total Hours154-155


BIOL 2402 requires a grade of “C” or higher in BIOL 2401 and CHEM 1406.

BIOL 2404 requires a "C" or higher in BIOL 2403.

HLTH 3350 and HLTH 4387 requires 55 credit hours completed.

HLTH 3360 requires a prerequisite of one of the following: MATH 1342MATH 1370, MATH 3379, or STAT 3379

KINE 3362 requires a prerequisite of BIOL 2401 or BIOL 2403 and 60 credit hours.

MATH 1316 or MATH 1410 or MATH 1420 are prerequisites for PHYS 1101 and PHYS 1301. A grade of “C” or higher is required for courses.

First Year
Component Area IV13CHEM 1411 or 140654 
BIOL 14134ENGL 130213 
ENGL 130123HIST 130233 
HIST 130133HLTH 23723 
MATH 1314, 1410, or 142043-4MATH 1370, 3379, 1342, or 337963 
 16-17 16 
Second Year
BIOL 2403 or 240154ATTR 23003 
HLTH 13603BIOL 2404 or 2402104 
HLTH 23833KINE 33623 
KINE 211571MATH 13163 
POLS 230583POLS 230683 
PSYC 130193  
 17 16 
Third Year
Component Area V3COMS 136173ATTR 5300113
ATTR 33703FACS 23623ATTR 53103
HLTH 23913HLTH 33503ATTR 53203
KINE 33733HLTH 33603 
PHYS 1301
PHYS 1101
4PSYC 33743 
 16 15 9
Fourth Year
ATTR 51111ATTR 51121ATTR 53143
ATTR 51301ATTR 51311ATTR 52302
ATTR 52102ATTR 52202HLTH 53783
ATTR 53113ATTR 53123KINE 53743
ATTR 53303ATTR 53133 
 ATTR 53313 
 10 13 11
Fifth Year
ATTR 53503ATTR 51151 
HLTH 53713ATTR 52402 
 ATTR 53153 
 ATTR 53403 
 6 9 
Total Hours: 154-155


BIOL 2402 requires a grade of “C” or higher in BIOL 2401 and CHEM 1406.

BIOL 2404 requires a "C" or higher in BIOL 2403.

HLTH 3350 and HLTH 4387 requires 55 credit hours completed.

HLTH 3360 requires a prerequisite of one of the following: MATH 1342 MATH 1370MATH 3379,or STAT 3379.

KINE 3362 requires a prerequisite of BIOL 2401 or BIOL 2403 and 60 credit hours.

MATH 1316 or MATH 1410 or MATH 1420 are prerequisites for PHYS 1101 and PHYS 1301. A grade of “C” or higher is required for courses.

The BS in Health Sciences: 3+2 MSAT Option is designed to provide graduates with the following marketable skills:

  • ​Recognize and identify specific health and social needs of diverse populations.
  • Make informed decisions relative to the political, economic, social, legal, and ethical issues that influence the health care profession.
  • Employ proactive skills and competencies in the areas of preventive health and wellness.
  • Analyze data to make good programmatic decisions.
  • Synthesize the body systems and their relationship to diseases and disorders as they serve as determinants of heath.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other healthcare professions.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle behaviors to minimize the risk of injury and illness.
  • Implement systematic, evidence-based examinations and assessments to determine best care for active patient populations.
  • Utilize best practices in immediate and emergency care situations.
  • Apply therapeutic interventions, including therapeutic modalities, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercise.
  • Integrate best practices of policy development, documentation practices, and basic business practices to promote optimal patient care.