Bachelor of Science, Major in Family and Consumer Science With Teacher Certification

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Bachelor of Science, Major in Family and Consumer Science With Teacher Certification
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Degree Specific Requirements
Natural Sciences16
BIOL from Component Area III list (8 hours) 1
Inorganic & Envir Chemistry
Intro Organic and Biochemistry
Major Core
MATH 1314Pre Calculus Algebra 23
or MATH 1332 College Mathematics
FACS 2368Consumer Education3
FACS 4362Presentation Techniques3
FACS 1360Basic Principles of Design 33
FACS 1330Intro Soft Textiles Constructn3
FACS 1441Food Preparation And Selection4
FACS 1367Basic Nutrition3
or FACS 2362 Nutrition
FACS 1331Intro To Hospitality Industry3
FACS 2369Introduction To Textiles3
FACS 3330Patternmaking & Apparel Produc3
FACS 3445Quan Food Pur Prep & Ser4
FACS 3364Suvery of Interior Design for Non-Majors3
FACS 3369Family Relationships3
FACS 4372Resource Management3
FACS 4333Child Dev & Guidance3
or CISE 4374 Human Growth and Learning
FACS 4068Research Problems3
CISE Requirements
CISE 3384The Teaching Profession3
CISE 4377Assmt Stdnt Lrng In Secondary3
CISE 4364Mth Tch Secondary Schools3
CISE 4378Content Literacy3
CISE 4380Respon Of Pro Educator3
CISE 4396Std Tch Secondary Classroom3
CISE 4397Std Tch Secondary Classroom3
CISE 4394Creatng Env For Lrng-Secondary3
Total Hours120

Satisfies Component Area III.


Math 1314 or MATH 3332 satisfies Component Area II.


FACS 1360 is a prerequisite for FACS 3330 and FACS 3364 and satisfies Component Area V.


CISE 4364, CISE 4377, and CISE 4378 are three of the required methods block classes; the fourth is FACS 4333/CISE 4374. CISE 4396, CISE 4397, and CISE 4394 are taken together as the student teaching block.

FACS 3369, FACS 4068, and FACS 4362 requires Junior Standing.

BIOL 2401 is a prerequisite for FACS 2362 and satisfies 4 hours in the Core Component Area III.

FACS 3364 requires 45 hours of course work completed.

FACS 4333 requires Junior Standing and/or Instructor approval.

CISE 3384 is a prerequisite forCISE 4374, CISE 4377, CISE 4364, and CISE 4378.  Admission to the Educator Prep. program and department approval are a prerequisite for CISE 3384. Students must have a minimum of 54 hours of course work completed.

CISE 4394 requires admission to the Educator Prep. program.

CISE 4396 requires admission to the Student Teaching program.

Certification in a second teaching field may be obtained by meeting certification requirements for the particular area of specialization.

A specialty certificate in Hospitality, Food Science and Nutrition is available through this program.

First Year
FACS 14414HIST 130233
FACS 136013ENGL 130223
ENGL 130123FACS 13303
HIST 130133FACS 1367 or 23623
MATH 1314 or 1332432
 16 14
Second Year
FACS 13313FACS 23693
FACS 23683CHEM 14074
CHEM 14064POLS 230653
POLS 230553BIOL64
Component Area IV3 
 16 14
Third Year
FACS 33303FACS 33643
FACS 34454FACS 33693
FACS 40683CISE 33843
Component Area IX4BIOL64
 Component Area VIII3
 14 16
Fourth Year
FACS 4333 or CISE 43743FACS 43723
CISE 43643CISE 43803
CISE 43773CISE 43943
CISE 43783CISE 43963
FACS 43623CISE 43973
 15 15
Total Hours: 120

 Satisfies Component Area V.


 Satisfies Component Area I.


 Satisfies Component Area VI.


 Satisfies Component Area II.


 Satisfies Component Area VII.


 Satisfies Component Area III.