Minor in Secondary Education

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Teaching Field Major/Education Minor

Leading to Certification in the Secondary Grades

Candidates for teaching certificates in grades 7 or 8-12 will major in the teaching field of their choice. The certification advisor, usually a professor in the major department, will provide guidance regarding the degree plan and other requirements. Within the College of Education, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction will provide guidance regarding securing certification and professional education coursework. Students may contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at (936) 294-1146. Courses and requirements for secondary certification are shown below:

Professional Education Courses
CISE 3384The Teaching Profession3
CISE 4364Mth Tch Secondary Schools3
CISE 4374Human Growth and Learning3
CISE 4377Assmt Stdnt Lrng In Secondary3
CISE 4378Content Literacy3
CISE 4394Creatng Env For Lrng-Secondary3
CISE 4396Std Tch Secondary Classroom3
CISE 4397Std Tch Secondary Classroom3

Additional Degree Requirements for Secondary Certification Candidates

  • English (ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302 and ENGL Literature [2000 level or higher]) (Core Curriculum Component Areas 1 and 4)
  • Math (Core Curriculum Component Area 2)
  • Science (Core Curriculum Component Area 3)
  • Fine Arts (Core Curriculum Component Area 4)
  • History and Political Science (Core Curriculum Component Area 5)
  • Kinesiology or accepted substitutes (Core Curriculum Component Area 6)

All secondary certification minors are:

  • required to meet the admission requirement for the Educator Preparation Program, and to maintain good standing while attending SHSU (see Admission to the Educator Preparation Programs- Admission Standards)
  • required to purchase an account in the College of Education data management system.
  • required to apply for the secondary methods block (CISE 4364, CISE 4374, and CISE 4378).
  • required to apply for student teaching (contact edu_ofe@shsu.edu for student teaching information).

Note: The above requirements represent a sequence of mandatory checkpoints.  Candidates must be recommended at each checkpoint to progress through the program.