BA, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bilingual Education Certificate: EC-6 Bilingual Generalist

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Bachelor of Arts, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bilingual Education Certificate: EC-6 Bilingual Generalist
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Degree Specific Requirements
BESL 2301Multicultural Infl On Learning3
BESL 4301Spanish Fluency In Classroom3
MATH 1385Intro Foundations Of Math II3
MATH 3381Intro - Foundation Of Math III3
PHYS 1305
PHYS 1105
Classical Physics & Thermdynmc
and Class Phy & Thermodynamics Lab
SPED 2301Intro To Special Education3
Major Core
BESL 3301Lang Acquisition Thry-2nd Lang3
BESL 4303Cur In Bilgl & Sec Lang Progs3
BESL 4304Lang Lrn Lit Dev In Mltlngl St3
CIEE 2333Becoming A Teacher3
CIEE 3323Curriculum for Intermediate Grades3
CIEE 3374Human Growth & Learning3
CIME 3375The Middle Level Child3
ECHE 3243Curriculum For Early Childhood2
ECHE 3313Early Childhood Cognition3
SPAN 3361Spanish Grammar & Composition3
SPAN 3367Principles Of Span Linguistics3
TESL 4303Teaching Eng As A Second Lang3
Literacy Methods Block:
READ 3370The Teaching Of Reading3
READ 3371Literacy Assmnt & Instruction3
READ 3372The Teaching Of Language Arts3
Content Methods Block:
CIEE 4334Mth Instruction In Elem Grades3
CIEE 4335Sci Instruction In Elem Grades3
CIEE 4336Soc Stdy Instrctn In Elem Grds3
CIEE 4385Creatng Env for Learng in Elem3
READ 4215Multidisciplinary Literacies2
Student Teaching Block:
BESL 4320Stu Tchg In Bilngl/Esl Classrm3
CIEE 4384Assessment Of Student Learning3
CIEE 4391Std Tch Elementary School3
Total Hours132


  • Student Teaching Block is considered a FULL LOAD at SHSU.  Please check prerequisites for Literacy Methods Block, Content Methods Block and Student Teaching.
  • Field Experience in public schools is required for many CIEE, ECHE, CIME, READ, and SPED classes.
  • Full admission to the Educator Preparation program is required prior to enrollment in Literacy or Content Methods and Student Teaching.
First Year
Component Area III4CIEE 23333
Component Area V 3Component Area II3
Component Area VIII3Component Area III4
ENGL 130113Component Area IX1
HIST 130123ENGL 130213
 HIST 130223
 16 17
Second Year
BESL 23013CIEE 33743
BIOL or CHEM4Component Area IV3
ECHE 33133Component Area IX 3
MATH 13853PHYS 11051
POLS 2305 3 3PHYS 13053
SPED 23013POLS 230633
 SPAN 33613
 19 19
Third Year
BESL 33013BESL 43013
CIEE 33233BESL 43033
CIME 33753BESL 43043
MATH 33813READ 33703
SPAN 33673READ 33713
TESL 43033READ 33723
 18 18
Fourth Year
CIEE 43343BESL 43203
CIEE 43353CIEE 43843
CIEE 43363CIME 43913
CIEE 43853 
ECHE 32432 
READ 42152 
 16 9
Total Hours: 132

 Satisfies requirement for Component Area I (Communication).


 Satisfies requirement for Component Area VI (U.S. History).


 Satisfies requirement for Component Area VII (Political Science/Government).