Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN 5060. Special Topics in Spanish. 1-3 Hours.

Students examine Hispanic culture, including the US Latino population. Topics vary and may include specific authors, themes, literary genres, and/or sociopolitical issues. Variable Credit (1-3).
Prerequisite: SPAN 5337, SPAN 5372, or departmental approval.

SPAN 5331. Sem in Comp Spanish Art/Cultur. 3 Hours.

Students conduct an in-depth comparison of cultural representations, both visual and aural, across the Hispanic world. Topics vary from semester to semester. Student develop Spanish language ability and cultural consciousness.

SPAN 5332. Spanish Golden Age Lit. 3 Hours.

Students conduct an in-depth study of the Spanish Golden Age (1500-1700), including authors, works, and concepts (e.g., Renaissance, Baroque, Picaresque). Topics may include poetry, plays, and other genres of the era.

SPAN 5333. Spanish/Am Lit: Pre-Eur to Ind. 3 Hours.

Students examine the literary cultures of Spanish America from the Colonial to the Post-Colonial period (end of the 19th century). Topics may include national literatures, cultural backgrounds, ethnic, linguistic, and identity issues.

SPAN 5334. Contemp Spanish American Lit. 3 Hours.

Students examine the literary expressions of various Hispanic cultures during the 20th century and beyond including the U.S. Latino experience. Topics may include authors, themes, artistic/literary genres or contemporary social and political issues.

SPAN 5336. Hispanic Women's Studies. 3 Hours.

Students examine Hispanic women?s literature and art. Students interpret, evaluate, and respond to a variety of genres within this topic.

SPAN 5337. Lit Analysis & Research Method. 3 Hours.

Students enhance their literary consciousness and capability through reading and discussion. They develop familiarity with and appreciation for Hispanic literature while increasing their ability to interpret and evaluate cultural products. Students practice analytical and interpretive skills to conduct independent research for scholarly presentations and publications.

SPAN 5338. Second Lang Teaching & Method. 3 Hours.

Students evaluate second language acquisition theories to understand their relationship to effective teaching with a focus on language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness). Emphasis is given to the evaluation of language based on state and federal guidelines.

SPAN 5361. The Structure of Spanish. 3 Hours.

Students broadly examine the linguistic structure of Spanish. Topics may include phonetics/phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of the Spanish language.
Prerequisite: SPAN 3367 or department approval.

SPAN 5370. History of Spanish Language. 3 Hours.

Students discover the history of the Spanish language over the last two millennia. Topics may include the formal development of Spanish phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.

SPAN 5371. Contemporary Spanish Literat. 3 Hours.

Students conduct an in-depth study of the major authors, works (including films), and aesthetic currents of Spanish literature beginning with the 20th century. Texts are studied from a variety of theoretical approaches.

SPAN 5372. Spanish for Technical Comp. 3 Hours.

Students study forms of exposition, including narration, to develop competency for clear and effective technical writing for various professions including health, law, criminal justice, education, science, technology, literature and business.

SPAN 5373. Theory/Pract of Trans/Interpet. 3 Hours.

Students are trained in the cognitive processes and language skills required to translate and interpret written or audiovisual texts.

SPAN 5374. Studies in Spanish Linguistics. 3 Hours.

Students apply Spanish linguistics principles. Topics vary and may include phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Related topics may include specific approaches to language variation, bilingualism, and language acquisition.