Real Estate (REAL)

REAL 3310. Real Estate Principles. 3 Hours.

Students explore an introduction to the nature of real estate, its value, and related decision analysis. Students are tasked with performing real estate appraisal, investment analysis, applying location theory, calculating financing, researching legal characteristics, and charting the process of development activities.

REAL 3365. Real Estate Law. 3 Hours.

Students examine the legal aspects of real estate, including the legal principles and legal instruments used in real estate transactions. Course Equivalents: BUAD 3365
Prerequisite: 42 credit hours.

REAL 4350. Real Estate Debt. 3 Hours.

Students apply concepts, techniques, and instruments integral to the financing of real estate. Students perform the application of discounted cash flow, net present value, internal rate of return, and amortization fundamentals to real estate analysis. Mortgage debt structures and calculations involving loan origination costs, servicing fees, and prepayment penalties are explored.

REAL 4351. Real Estate Equity. 3 Hours.

Students perform calculations related to real estate investment analysis. Students use a framework for making real estate investment decisions based on key financial returns/metrics and risk assessment. Students focus on mastering cash flow and proforma forecasting to inform real estate investment decisions involving acquisitions, development, and dispositions.

REAL 4352. Real Estate Market and Development Feasibility Analysis. 3 Hours.

Students examine the component parts of the real estate development process from idea inception; through project site selection, design, regulatory framework, market analysis, and financial feasibility analysis.