Minor in Medical Humanities and Social Sciences

The Minor in Medical Humanities and Social Sciences provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that draws from the studies of rhetoric, literature, communication, philosophy, ethics, history, culture, psychology, political science, and sociology.  Thus, the minor complements majors from all Humanities, Social Sciences, and Allied Health disciplines.  It prioritizes student success and access by preparing them for advanced study or careers in medicine, healthcare policy or law, public health, social work, patient navigation and advocacy, healthcare administration, and health communication, among others.

Minor in Medical Humanities and Social Sciences
Required Courses
MHSS 3300Foundations of the Medical Humanities and Social Sciences3
MHSS 4350Medical Humanities & Social Sciences Capstone3
Prescribed Electives12
Select four from the following:
Interpersonal Health Communication
Risk Communication
Studies in Rhetoric
Topics in the History of Science and Medicine
Philosophy of Psychology and Mind
Death and Dying
Social Policy
Human Sexuality
Sociology Of Health & Illness
Spanish for Health Professions
Total Hours18

None of the courses taken by MHSS minors may be used to satisfy the requirements of any other major or minor.
All students must receive a "C" in all minor courses and maintain a 2.0 GPA overall.