Minor in History

A minor in history requires 27 semester credit hours, including:

Minor in History
Required Courses
HIST 1301United States History to 1876 13
HIST 1302United States History Since 1876 13
HIST 2311World History to 1500 23
HIST 2312World History since 1500 23
American History - select one of the following: 33
Black Civil Rights Movement
History of American Slavery
Era of the American Revolution: 1763-1789
The History of the West
Economic History of the Industrial Revolution to Present
Mexican Americans Since 1848
Urban and Suburban History
The United States and the Vietnam War
Early America to 1783
America in Mid-Passage, 1783-1877
Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1945
Recent America, 1945 to Present
The American Civil War
Immigration and Ethnicity in American History
American Women's History
American Diplomatic History
Military & War In America
Native American History
African-American History
America in the 1960s
American Environmental History
The American South
Texas & the Southwest
European History - select one of the following: 33
Modern France: From the Revolution to the Present
Renaissance Europe
Germany and Central Europe Since 1815
The Bible & Reform in Europe
Economic History of the Industrial Revolution to Present
French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
Britain to 1714
Modern Britain 1714-Present
Russian History
Modern European Military History
Europe in the Age of Absolutism and Revolutions: 1648-1815
European History: 1815-1914
Ancient History
Medieval History
British Empire & Commonwealth
World History - select one of the following: 33
Contemporary Latin America
Modern China and Japan
Modern Asian History
Religion in World History
Middle East Since 1700
Black Europe, 1500 to present
Early Christianities
The Roman Empire to Byzantium
Austria-Hungary and its Legacy
Silk Roads to Atlantic World
The Middle East, 500 - 1700
Africa - Past & Present
Colonial Latin America
Modern Mexico
Additional Advanced Hours in History6
Total Hours27

Satisfies both the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VI (U.S. History) and the minor requirement.


Satisfies both the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture) & IX (Component Area Option) and the minor requirement.


Pre-Modern History Requirement:  Among the 3000-level courses a student takes in American, European, and World History one course must have a primary focus on content in pre-modern history (content dating to before 1600); this can overlap with other requirements. Please, see below listing of courses that fulfill the pre-modern history requirement. 

Pre-Modern History Courses 3
HIST 3334Renaissance Europe3
HIST 3337The Bible & Reform in Europe3
HIST 3350Early Christianities3
HIST 3358Silk Roads to Atlantic World3
HIST 3362The Middle East, 500 - 17003
HIST 3363Britain to 17143
HIST 3370Ancient History3
HIST 3371Medieval History3
HIST 3373Topics in the History of Science and Medicine3
HIST 3376Early America to 17833
HIST 3391Colonial Latin America3
HIST 3392Native American History3

Note: For history courses, no grade below C is accepted.