Registration Requirements

Information concerning registration may be obtained from the Academic Calendar provided in this publication, the Student Advising Center (SAM Center), or from the Registrar’s Office.

Academic Advisement for Registration

Sam Houston State University offers advisement throughout the year at the Student Advising Center (SAM Center).

Students are placed under a degree and major based on the selection at the time of application to SHSU.  A student has the option of meeting the academic requirements for any degree as outlined in the catalog at the time of admission. In addition, a later catalog may be selected provided the requirements are met no later than six years from the effective date of that catalog. The student is responsible for knowledge of the detailed requirements of the degree program, including any special requirements of the major and/or minor department. Students must speak to their advisor in order to make a change to their major.  Academic department approval is required for all change of majors.

Mandatory advisement is required for some students prior to registering for courses. See the SAM Center to determine if advisement is required.

Core Mathematics Enrollment 

Current research on best practices in higher education indicates that students perform better at challenging subjects when they are immersed in the learning of the material with minimal interruption.  To ensure students are more successful in the general education mathematics courses, and remain on track to graduate in four years, SHSU encourages students to complete their mathematics requirement in Component Area II of the Core Curriculum within their first two semesters.

TSI Request Form and Exemptions

Submitting TSIA2 (TSI Assessment Version 2) Scores

If you have previous TSIA2 scores, you will need to submit the TSI Score Request Form to provide to Sam Houston State University with written permission to download and access your TSI Assessment results. 

  • Our office may be unable to locate your TSI Assessment scores if the details you provide on the form do not match the information you provided to the testing center where you completed the TSI Assessment.
  • Please allow up to two business days for your TSI Assessment scores to be updated within your SHSU student record.


You may already be exempt from taking the TSI Assessment based on your standardized testing scores or other criteria.

TSI Requirements

Taking the TSIA2 Exam 

If you are not exempt, you must complete three steps in order to meet TSI requirements:

TSI Placement

If you DO NOT receive a college ready classification score from the TSIA2, you must follow a developmental education plan.

The Reading and Writing sections of the previous version of the TSI Assessment have been renamed and combined into one section titled "English Language Arts and Reading" for the TSIA2.


Score Range: 950 or higher
Placement: College Level Ready 

Score Range: 900-949 and a Diagnostic Score of 6
Placement: College Level Ready 

Score Range: 900-949 and a Diagnostic Score of 1-5
Placement: Corequisite Required
MATH 1314 & MATH N014 or
MATH 1324 & MATH N024 or
MATH 1332 & MATH N032 or
MATH 1342 & MATH N042 or
MATH 1384 & MATH N084

English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)

Score Range: 945 or higher and Essay Score of 5 or higher
Placement: College Level Ready

Score Range: 900-944 and an Essay Score of 5 or higher and Diagnostic Score of 5 or higher
Placement: College Level Ready

Score Range: 900-944 and Essay Score of 1-4 and Diagnostic Score of 1-4
Placement: Corequisite Required
ENGL 1301 and INRW 0014

Developmental Education Policies

Retesting - Things You Need to Know!

Additional Resources

Visit the TSI Success Initiative (TSI) website for additional information


Once accepted and advised at SH, students may register for classes during the scheduled registration periods. See the Registrar's website for instructions regarding registration.

Online courses incur an additional fee per credit hour. See the Additional Fees section on the Cashier’s site

To register in a mini-session, an overall SH grade point average of 2.50 is required.

Maximum registration hours allowed per term:

UG – 19 hours (fall/spring term) and 14 hours (summer term)

GR – 12 hours (fall/spring/summer terms)

Some students may have a minimum hour requirement (i.e. international students and student-athletes)

Class Schedule Changes

What should students consider when adding or dropping courses?

  • Adding or dropping courses can impact financial aid. Students receiving financial aid and/or scholarships are encouraged to visit with a financial aid representative prior to adding or dropping courses. 
  • Adding or dropping courses can impact time to completion. Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss potential impacts.
  • Beginning with the first class day of each term, added courses will result in tuition and fee charges to be paid by 4:00 pm on the date the course(s) are added.
  • A student is allowed no more than 6 Q-drops during their combined career at all Texas public colleges and universities.
  • A student, under specific conditions, may be charged a higher tuition rate for excessive undergraduate hours. Please reference Tuition for Excessive Undergraduate Hours from the Registrar's website.
  • International students must make changes through the Global Engagement Center.

When can students change their schedules?

  • Students may add courses through the 8th class day for fall or spring terms and the 2nd class day for summer terms.
     For registration times, please refer to Registration Dates and the Academic Calendar.   


A resignation is a withdrawal from all courses and becomes effective on the date it is received by the Registrar's Office. This is the date that is used for determining any refund. The student is responsible for clearing all debts owed to the university before any potential refund is issued.

A resignation will not be allowed if a grade has been earned or a final has been taken. 

Students who fail to officially resign from the university will receive a grade of "F" for each course in which they are enrolled. If you are enrolled in only one class, you must resign. To learn more about the University's policy on student resignations, view the Student Resignation Policy.

If you are a financial aid student and resign, you may be responsible for the repayment of certain types of financial aid received during the term. For more information, view the Return of Title IV Funds Policy. Also, review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to better understand how this could impact your future aid eligibility.


  • A resignation will withdraw a student from all registered courses in the entire term. A student cannot resign from a part of term if another part of term has been completed. Ex. If a student completes Summer I and is registered for Summer II, they will not be able to resign from Summer II.
  • If this is your first semester attending SHSU and you are resigning prior to the Census Day (12th Class day for Fall or Spring/4th Class day for Summer I & II), a new admissions application and non-refundable application fee through are required. If you have any questions, please, contact the Office of Admissions at 936-294-1828 or Admissions.
  • If a year or more has passed from the term of resignation, a new admissions application will be required. If you have any questions, please, contact the Office of Admissions at 936-294-1828 or Admissions.
  • Students who resign after the twelfth class day of a fall/spring term receive a mark of W (withdrew) for each course for which they were enrolled.  Students registered in courses meeting less than 15 weeks, please, refer to the resignation refund schedule. If a student has received a grade in any course for that term, he/she is ineligible to resign.
  • International students must be advised by the International Student Advisor before resigning.

Students considering resigning in the current term should review the Resignation Information page.

Courses at SH - The Woodlands Center

Courses completed at this location will incur an additional fee and carry residence credit. For more information visit the SH - The Woodlands Center website. 

Name Change

Appropriate documentation substantiating a legal name change for a student must be submitted to the Registrar's Office. All transcripts are issued under the student’s legal name as recorded on the student's academic record. The Request for Change of Name form can be found on the Registrar’s website under Student Resources – Forms and Documents.

Correct Addresses

It is necessary to have a correct residency address on file with the University. Students who change addresses after completing registration should immediately update their addresses by logging in to My Sam. (Campus Resources -> Banner Self-Service-> Personal Information -> Update Addresses and Phones)

Official University e-mail correspondence will be sent to the assigned SHSU e-mail address. The University assumes no obligation for failure of a student to receive communications.

International students must contact the Global Engagement Center.

Classification of Students

  • Freshman: 1-29 hours completed
  • Sophomore: 30-59 hours completed
  • Junior: 60-89 hours completed
  • Senior: 90 hours or more completed

College credit hours earned at Sam Houston State University and hours accepted in transfer from other institutions will count toward the student’s classification.

Credit awarded by examination and hours earned with the grade of CR are counted in determining classification but are not included in determining the grade point average.

Hours earned in developmental courses are not counted toward the student’s classification.

Auditing a Course

A student auditing a course may attend lectures and other class meetings, take part in class discussions, and receive written confirmation of attendance. The student will not receive evaluations of participation and will not be allowed to submit assignments or take examinations and tests, except with special and expressed permission of the instructor.

An individual must receive prior approval from the appropriate department chair or the instructor involved in order to audit a course. Neither the instructor nor the University assumes responsibility for the academic progress of any person auditing a course. The audit fee for each course is $50; students 65 years of age or older may be exempt from paying the audit fee with an approved Senior Citizen waiver. Faculty-led study abroad courses may not be audited.  

Instructions and a copy of the Audit Form can be found on the Registrar’s Website. Audit Forms are accepted the 2nd-12th class days during fall/spring/full summer (10wk) terms and the 2nd-4th class days during summer I & II terms. A request to audit a course will not be accepted if there are no seats available in the course at the time the form is processed by the Registrar’s Office. 

An individual auditing a course:

  • Is encouraged to attend all lectures and obtain the maximum educational benefit from the information presented
  • Is not permitted to take tests or examinations in the course being audited
  • Is authorized to receive a courtesy library card permitting use of the Newton Gresham Library for the duration of the course audit
  • Is not authorized to be issued an SH Student Identification Card unless also enrolled as a regular student at SH
  • Is not authorized to use SH medical, athletic, or recreational facilities unless also enrolled as a regular student at SH
  • Will not receive record of course audit (i.e. the course will not appear on a transcript), and no record of the audit will be kept in the Registrar’s Office


Options to order transcripts can be found on the Student Transcripts website. Official transcripts will not be released for students with financial indebtedness/outstanding balance(s) due to the University.