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SOCI 3370. Research Methods in Sociology. 3 Hours.

Students learn the logic and character of scientific and alternative means of social inquiry. Topics may include the function of observation, concept formation, proposition arrangement and testing of theory as components of the scientific process in sociology.
Prerequisite: SOCI 1301.

Minor in Community Leadership

The Minor in Community Leadership provides students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be agents of change in their communities. Students begin the minor with the foundational Intro to Community Leadership SOCI 3305 and strengthen their communication skills in Intercultural Communication COMS 3370 . Once students have completed SOCI 3305 and are in their senior year, they are eligible to enroll in the capstone internship course SOCI 4379 . The three core courses all feature the Academic Community Engagement (ACE) pedagogy giving students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to meet community needs and gain professional experience. Three elective courses round out the minor providing students an interdisciplinary perspective on community leadership