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PSYC 5396. Assessment of Personality and Psychopathology. 3 Hours.

Students develop competencies in the theory, administration, scoring, and interpretation of personality assessment instruments. Students receive supervised instruction throughout the duration of the course. Two separate sections of this course are offered, one focusing on objective measures (e.g., MMPI-2, PAI) and one focusing on projective measures (e.g., Rorschach).
Prerequisite: PSYC 5330.

Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology
The MA in Experimental Psychology provides training in the scientific sub-disciplines of psychology. The program is an experimentally oriented program that is designed to give students a broad foundation in psychological science and does not provide training in the delivery of psychological services. Instead, students learn about human behavior and gain key analytical skills that will prepare them for further doctoral education or to enter the work force in research management or teaching positions. Students may pursue a formal research thesis when a faculty mentor supports their prospectus and agrees to supervise their thesis research.  In addition, in order to graduate with an MA degree in this program, students take a comprehensive examination in their final semester, which assesses their knowledge of the areas to which they have been exposed.