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PSYC 5334. Theory and Research In Psychotherapy II. 3 Hours.

Students examine selected advanced systems or techniques of psychotherapy, including group therapy, marital and family therapy, therapy for sexual dysfunction, or others. Content may vary from semester to semester.

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
The Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology is designed to produce Master's-level practitioners who are qualified to apply for licensure as a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. Recent changes to Texas state licensure rules and regulations require 60 hours of coursework in order to be eligible to obtain an LPA and practice independently. The program provides supervised practicum experiences and equips students with applied skills in psychological assessment, diagnosis and clinical intervention. A Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from SHSU also prepares students for further graduate study and/or community college teaching. Students must successfully complete two capstone evaluations in assessment and psychotherapy typically during their last semester of the program.